Mokuzai Island

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Mokuzai Island was the result of a spawn adventure on Sniper231996's 2nd account. He decided to attempt a spawn escape and live as a hermit on an island.


Impressively, Sniper did not get help from anyone and farmed everything by himself, including actually finding alpha leaves laying on the ground in an unloaded chunk. There were no dupes used either.

Because the base was pretty close to spawn, he would invite players to the shelter over time. They would be allowed to come over, say hi, but not stay forever. Sniper would only accept gifts in small quantities in order to not mess up the hermit ideology he had.

Fun fact: "Mokuzai" means wood in Japanese.

History and Design Storyline

In the Perspective of Sniper

  • May 5th, arrived on the island, made shelter
  • Same day, chopped down all the trees, flowers still need to be removed
  • A day later, construction on house has begun
  • Making wall pattern
  • Much more progress on house, roof complete
  • Designing a pattern for Front View
  • Planting decoration crops has begun
  • The house got finished, the interior was still mostly missing but its kind of done


This is a solo base at the moment, started and finished by Prismary, and is very close to spawn so it might have a very short life span. The base is, luckily, still standing, yet concealed to the general public.