The Museum of Larpy and Shiny Things, otherwise known as MoLaST, was a museum base founded by Beardler and Osmobyte.

Main Museum Building
InhabitantsAtket_, Beardler, Durkaaqt, James_Luigi, NugVault, Osmobyte, Phyxics, smcz19, Steampunkjax
StartedFebruary 27th, 2022
GriefedAugust 23rd, 2022
GriefersBeardler and smcz19 (self-grief)
World download
LinkNot Available


After completing digging at the Astral Brotherhood base Nautilus, Beardler founded a museum base to store the collectibles he had collected over the past year, before deciding that the location was too close to spawn. He relocated to a second location much further out and started MoLaST with Osmobyte. A few other collectors and archivists were also invited, largely from Astral Brotherhood, such as Steampunkjax, who designed the main structure, and Durkaaqt, who provided much of the necessary materials. Base construction was mainly conducted by Beardler, with assistance from Osmobyte, but the process was slow, and the build itself was never completed. After organizing through the collection, Beardler came up with the idea of traveling to bases and collecting original blocks from bases that had been griefed. The exploration efforts were mainly conducted by Osmobyte, who spent about 2 months flying across the server, collecting various items from many different bases. The base was self-griefed by Beardler and smcz19 on August 23rd, 2022, after it was revealed that Steampunkjax had been insiding various groups that for the majority of the year and had likely also leaked MoLaST as well.