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"Only on 2b2t would you find builds as wonderful and diverse as these."

Mines, or by his in-game name mines, was a 2b2t YouTuber and midfag, who has done a number of base tour videos. He joined in 2013 (?) but was not very active until TheCampingRusher came on the server. He used to make videos showing the places he found, and eventually, people started to invite him to bases for him to tour.

His tour videos are usually followed by a video cinematic of the base, showing off shaders and his video editing skills. This made his channel grow quite quickly and at one point he was the main base tour YouTuber (now has 14.3 thousand subscribers). His channel can be viewed here.


On several occasions, Mines has received harsh criticism for appearing uninformed about the historical bases he has toured. He also made a video about an elytra exploit, that made a lot of people able to use it and might have been the reason for the server disabling the elytra. Mines got a lot of hate because of this and eventually became inactive. He uploaded a video on his return on Christmas (December 25th) of 2018, although didn't do anything afterward. He has yet to return, and his account was last seen online in 2019.