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Traps ain’t gay!
FoundedFebruary 2020

Millennium's monument on the Z+ world border.
Millennium banners and a "Millennium Claps Traps Kit" near nether spawn.

Millennium is a 2b2t group founded in February, 2020, founded by SiKPops and lead by BongEatBong, Banana_on_2b2t, and ANALP0RN. The group slogan is "Traps Ain't Gay" or "Traps Aren't Gay" which was a view practiced by all members of the group. Millennium's group activities include monuments on multiple world borders, rap dissing Emperium, heavy participation in both the Donkey Ice Dupe and the Pyro Dupe, and the "Emperor's helping pill" map art by Hit_the_juul and Miraclelol. The group is historically known to spam a large amount of their banners at spawn.


Early Millennium History (2019-2020)

Millennium was founded by SiKPops in February of 2020. Advising SiKPops early on was Clavicus_Vile who also contributed to the coordinates to one of the first stashes the group would steal and created the group's iconic banner. Early Millennium had very little wealth and all members were at the first group base, Warwicks Peak. In the following weeks the group would expand to encompass more bases and after discovering several stashes they had access to more resources. Warwicks Peak was discovered by Jared2013 using the Session ID exploit and the coordinates were sold. The purchaser of the coordinates who was in the Discord doing an interview showed up while many members of Millennium were online and at base; the intruder was killed multiple times as all valuables were transferred. Following the transfer the base was then self-griefed by BongEatBong and SiKPops.

Millennium was originally allied with Emperium as a result of SiKPops' previous affiliation with them. Tensions soon soured after a falling out between SiKPops and other Emperium members. Millennium would then release a diss track on Emperium.

On April 17th 2020 all of Millennium's social media accounts were taken over and locked-out by Emperium, with all of their members also being kicked from the Discord. This occurred due to an ex-member still having access to the master Google account, and sending a password reset to the Discord account compromising a Discord bot that had admin privileges. One of Millennium's bases, Solveig, was also griefed by Emperium due to a coordinate leak from ex-royal council Logan with help of a members account he had access to in the main discord, a insider was able to preview the screen-share in progress and extract the coordinates without joining and raising suspension.

Millennium's monument on the -X/-Z world border.

On May 11th, 2020, founder of the group SiKPops left the group, leaving control of the group in the hands of BongEatBong. In July of 2020, many members were kicked or banned for inactivity and the member list shrunk as a result. On July 26th, 2020, BongEatBong promoted longtime member carson8858 to Trap God (leadership position) and demoted herself to focus on other things, Banana was also Trap God at the time. Less than four hours later, Bong became upset with the way carson8858 and Banana_on_2b2t were running the Discord and kicked most remaining members from the group, restoring her role as Trap God. On July 29th, 2020, members were invited to return if they wanted. Many did, though this purged many inactive members from the Discord encouraging the group to seek new members.

On August 3rd of 2020, Millennium began a group trip to the -X/-Z diagonal world border. On the 13th of August a monument was erected.

The Millennium Discord was deleted by BongEatBong on 12/26/2020 and the group became inactive.

Inactivity (2021-2023)

On February 21st of 2021, SiKPops would recreate the Millennium Discord in an attempt to revive activity. The group would soon again become inactive and the Discord was deleted by SiKPops.

The Attempted Revival of Millennium (August 2023-December 2023)

Banana_on_2b2t would go on to recreate the Millennium Discord for former members at the end of 2021, though the group did not become active again until mid-2023 slightly before 2b2t’s update to 1.19. Initially BongEatBong, Banana_on_2b2t and SikPops returned to lead the group.

SiKPops would leave the discord to start another new group after internal drama around the new recruitment process.

On September 18th of 2023, long time member and base leader ANALP0RN would be promoted to a leadership role.

ANALP0RN would attempt to drive new traffic to the group through partnerships with other active groups. However member activity dwindled as people lost interest in group activities. ANALP0RN would hand the reigns of leadership back to Banana_on_2b2t and BongEatBong and quietly depart from both Millennium and 2b2t.

Dormancy (December 2023-Present)

The departure of ANALP0RN was the final nail in the coffin that was the attempted revival of Millennium. With the driving force in keeping group activity gone, membership dwindled and the discord became stagnant.


Millennium consists of a loose ranking structure as the group is generally a circle of players who have become friends through the server. There are four (formerly five) ranks in the group. Boomer, Millennial, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha. As well as the former role of Trap God (leadership). Following the revival of the group Trap God was removed and the leadership role was made an unlabeled role so as all higher ranker members were equal in rank, and Boomer was added to mark inactive members that would be allowed to return at any date.


Gen Z

Gen Alpha

  • aodrel
  • Flixzit
  • gam
  • ldgtl
  • Queen Bella
  • Val
  • Xcentric Crafter
  • youfoundsand


While Millennium is most notably remembered for its activity in the 2020 Donkey Ice Dupe, the group revolves mostly around building at bases with friends.

Warwick's Peak

Warwick's Peak was the first time the group had ever built together. This base helped solidify a strong bond and sense of community amongst the members of the group. The base was leaked by Jared2013 during the session ID exploit.

Warwick's Peak post-grief in 2020.


Traplantis was founded on July 28th of 2020 during the Pyro Dupe. The base is a large underwater dome structure with many tunnels. Most notably contributed to by Fhizz, who led all base activities including building and duping of items nearby.

The Isles of Enoch

The Isles of Enoch was founded in the wake of the 1.19 update by New Vortex Coalition at -24714 8627. The base was shared with Millennium members on July 31st of 2023. The base was built in one of spawn's many infinite ocean's and consisted of a series of islands of varying sizes nearby each other. Most notably was the islands Enoch and Providence. Enoch's most notable buildings include the triple pyramids and the clocktower. Providence was largely built by Smack and had a strong architectural feel to the island. Because of the proximity to spawn the base was featured on numerous base hunting streams and videos. The base was found griefed on October 15th 2023, just 2 weeks shy of its 3 month anniversary.

Trap Town

Trap Town was established during a period of inactivity for the group (2022). However the remaining members that still played came together and built for over 5 months before it was looted and griefed. This base marked the end of many Millennium player's times with the group as many moved on to new groups or became inactive altogether.

Ludus Magnus

Ludus Magnus was a large spawn base built by Millennium in the wake of the 2020 Donkey Ice Dupe. Notably, all members of the group had access to this base and built there uninterrupted for more than two months which came as a surprise as the base was barely more than 10,000 blocks away from spawn. Being located at -5622 -11325. The base was self-leaked and griefed by the group during the summer of 2020, as a result of rising queue times and suspicion of insiding. The grief party had over twenty people attend at one single time.