Midnight Council

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Midnight Council
The Midnight Council's Sigil
FoundedDecember 5, 2022
BasesMidnight Council 2022

The Midnight Council is an exclusive group founded by HermeticLock in 2022 that gets together one time per year for two weeks to build bases together.



The Midnight Council was started as a way to, in the words of HermeticLock "create a unique experience on 2b2t". The group itself pays homage to the Bohemian Club, a real-world private group that consists of artists, musicians, prominent business leaders, government officials, former U.S. presidents, senior media executives, and other people of power. The Bohemian Club also holds retreats out into the wilderness of California, in which secretive events take place. After attending one of these retreats at the Bohemian Grove, HermeticLock sought to recreate it on 2b2t. He invited many well-known members of the 2b2t community, mainly from among Fifth Column members and former Guardsmen members, and started a base for them.

Teasers and Assets


The official invitation sent to the members

The Midnight Council's existence was first teased to the public via a website that was shared in several discord servers within the 2b2t community. The website featured the owl icon, a short animated section, as well as a countdown until the event began. This website is still up and running, with the countdown now set until next year's event.

Custom Resource Pack

A custom resource pack for the group was put together by NexxMC. It contains several texture replacements that helped solidify the desired atmosphere of the group's activities. The texture pack included changing armor sets into robes with owl heads, totems into owls, and many more owl-related textures. It also added a darker-coloured GUI throughout the game, as well as some spooky sound effects such as owl calls in the background ambience.

Content Creation

Several of the group's members created videos about the events and activities that occurred during Midnight Council 2022, including Fit, D_loaded, and Bezopasan.


The phrase, "Threat Level Midnight", which often accompanies statements or media made concerning the group, is a reference to an episode of The Office, a sitcom from the early 2000s.