Michaelrule4 is a oldfag who joined 2b2t in early 2013, and is most notable for his YouTube tutorials (now long-since deleted) on how to escape spawn and other 2b2t-related content, and his website, 2b2t.tk (now a dead website). His Facepunch username was michaelrule4.

"If you cant escape spawn, you are a major scrub.."


At some point in 2014, michaelrule4 began creating YouTube tutorials on how to escape the 2b2t spawn for any new players that happened to join the server, as well as other related content. His website 2b2t.tk also had a list of coordinates to various bases and locations on 2b2t that was open to the public, although no current archive of the website exists. His videos can be found in James_Rustles' 2b2t media archive on GitHub.

As of 2020, all traces of him have been scrubbed from the Internet besides his GitHub profile, which still exists.