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The Mew Revolution (also referred to as Mew Rev or simply Mew) is a group founded by MrAllNet in December of 2020. The group was started with the goal of connecting people on the server through bases, projects and voice chats.

The Mew Revolution
FoundedDecember 2020
DisbandmentAug 22nd, 2022
Members51 (Recruit and up)
LeaderMrAllNet, Andrewmc12
BasesMew HQ 1-5, Tabby's Point, Siamese Landing, Easter Island, Bombay,


First Phase

Mew's original project involved building outposts and rest spots along highways, or occasionally in random locations. The first time the group faced any conflict was when Czho convinced one of the original Mew members, Charizard, to leak the coordinates of the original Mew Headquarters base, causing the subsequent deletion of the first discord. However, Czho influence did not come to light until much later. After the leaking of Mew HQ 1's coordinates in general chat of the first discord, it was abandoned, and the discord was deleted for a short time.

Second Phase

A few days later, MrAllNet launched the 2nd iteration of the server, but this time, the group would be a multi-division organization of players, with 3 main bases and 3 matching roles, along with a Spawn PvP team. After the creation of the 2nd Mew Revolution discord server, Czho, still undercover, explained to MrAllNet about proxies, and suggested the use of an account shared between the Mew Revolution higher-ups, which would have priority queue and would be situated at the group's headquarters. MrAllNet went through with this, and created the account MewRevolution, and invited Czho to Mew HQ 2.0, but Czho griefed the base and stole the account. During this time, Mew became the target for harassment and insiding. In the summer of 2021, The Gulag came into conflict with the Mew Revolution. It started with Frosty003 sending MrAllNet a file called Etikahack, which he had renamed MewHack. The file contained a token logger. Unaware of this, MrAllNet ran the client, which gave Frosty access to MrAllNet's discord account. Following this Frosty nuked the 2nd Mew Revolution discord server, as well as leaked private dms. This lead to MrAllNet being doxxed overnight.

Third Phase

Following the 3rd discord server being created, and the 3rd and 4th iterations of Mew HQ, the group shifted their focus, and began building spawnbases as well as participating in community projects. These included a wedding event, and the revisiting of the original Mew HQ base at the world border. The group population increased, and the group began allying with other groups, such as the Spawn Building Committee (at the time Spawn Party Association), DonFuer, and Invincibles. Over the summer of 2022, the group built 5 bases, all of which varied in style.


The downfall of Mew Revolution began when MrAllNet announced a new project, a Sky Logo, for the group to partake in. Initially, construction went smoothly, with 5-10 players always online working on the structure. Problems started when HockeyL8 and Franknificant, both members of Mew Rev, began griefing Donfuer bases. D_loaded ended the alliance between the two groups. This caused substantial issues within Mew, as many of the members in Mew Rev were also Donfuer members. The member count was immediately cut in half as a result. Donfuer and others (such as the Spawnmasons) began attacking the remaining members who were working on the Sky Logo, resulting in the project halting. After HockeyL8 and Franknificant were kicked, MrAllNet and D_loaded ended hostilities, but by then, Mew was burnt out. On August 22nd, 2022, MrAllNet disbanded the group.


Modern-day Mew consisted of the following roles:

  • Recruits - New Recruits to the group, had the ability to work on projects, as well as a recruit base.
  • Corporals - An official full member of the group.
  • Lieutenant - Only the most dedicated of players would inherit this distinction. Lieutenants got to work on projects just like recruits and corporals, but also assisted in planning and organizing the projects and events.
  • Inner Circle - These players oversaw the group at large and had a large say in the direction of the group.