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"sad day for the _ community"
JoinedSeptember 26, 2021
BasesThe Isle, Spawn Migration 2, SBA 50-61, Wingston IV, Spawnquarium, Don Blåhaj, Many SpawnFuers, Spoopyville, Holiday Special Halloween Base 2022, DonFuer 25, Incisor Inc
Alternative Accountsmetalpuppy, bunmap, rabbitsocks, spawnpoets, clickertrained
CurrentAstral Brotherhood, Spawn Builders Association, Spawn Poets Society, Wingston
PastCollective, DonFuer

Metalbunny is a multi-group builder and co-founder of the Spawn Poets Society.


Early History

Metalbunny joined 2b2t for the first time in September 2021 on an alternate account. Metalbunny soon met AboveAverageCat, whom both made a base called Incisor Inc. Metalbunny returned to 2b2t in the Summer of 2022 as her basemate withdrew from server activities. Metalbunny decided to seek out other players to build with, eventually being recruited to DonFuer on June 25th, 2022, with her first base with the group being SpawnFuer 25. Metalbunny began constructing trivial bases with DonFuer, and after a few months of dedicated efforts to the group, was invited to build at DonFuer 25. During this era of Metalbunny's activity on the server, she started the Spawn Poets Society, a group centered around creative writing, namely poetry. The group was co-founded with FishyDishyTasty (aka codlover) on November 1st, 2022.

Halloween 2022

After the subsequent destruction of two Halloween Event Bases built by varying combinations of Imperials, DonFuer, Astral Brotherhood, and Spawn Builders Association, Metalbunny and a few other players banded together to build a Halloween base with DonFuer, Imperials, The Collective, and others, under 72 hours before October 30th - the planned event date for most of the other previous bases. Other significant contributors to the base included HenkieMC, FreedomHolland, Lukent, and Toska. The base lasted to October 30th and a Halloween event was successfully held there.

Building Style

Metalbunny builds in a primarily fantasy-fueled medieval style but also branches out to other genres such as steampunk, city, and large-scale organic. The most popular base she has been a member of is DonFuer 25[1][2], followed by Don Darko[3], and Don Blåhaj[4].