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A Larp-ipelago
InhabitantsJSR4, orsond, Joey_Coconut, bread_loafs, Speedyeli, 0Channy, I_tri, Dragonworm, KBGaming, Zetrax, _bt, HaltAccount, Lunch_Katsu, Soopa46, PoyrazD12, Bathory343, p_f, Hurtmercury, 0yiqitozturk, D_loaded, diagoporotin, rpb7191, y_a_t_a, Forceken, IronException, Niftyrobo, H_MAN_25, CirocDrip, Arbiter2b2t, gokberkimben, Inoculant
LocationX:71796 Z:-136674
Started23 March, 2021
Griefed24 April, 2021
World download
LinkNot Available

Mediano was a large Guardsmen and Shortbus Caliphate ocean spawn base in early 2021.


Mediano was founded on 23 March, 2021 by JSR4, orsond, and Joey_Coconut following the grief of Whistler. The location was decided upon because of the abundance of ocean monuments that JSR4 found in the area. While originally populated solely by members of the Guardsmen and Shortbus Caliphate, members of Monolith were invited following the grief of Point Cobalt, and members of Avalysium were invited following its grief. The base featured multiple large builds, such as Lunch_Katsu's pyramid, y_a_t_a's ship, and a large drained area that was a group project. The base was spread out in an area larger than 1k by 1k, resulting in members often getting lost moving between builds. A system of underwater pathways was planned and started to alleviate this, but they remained uncompleted upon the base's grief. Mediano's location was leaked to Franknificant, SilverEyes100, and Duke_Arktouros in late April. Through them, the information as to its location passed to Preb2, who then leaked the base to the Backstreet Boys. Frank, Silvereyes, and Duke built a replica of Frank's rendition of Notre Dame at the base and were eventually chased off. The residents of the base decided to abandon the base as the materials had been stolen. BSB griefed the base on 24 April, 2021.

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