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This is the official 2b2t wiki, the old one was badly outdated and badly taken care of by the owners cause they were cancerous losers that didn't care too much about the server. This wiki is dedicated to keeping as much of 2b's history preserved in one space for anyone to see.

This page helps you stay up to date with what's happening on the wiki. Stay tuned for your daily autism, memes, and stuff bout oldest server.

  • If you did not already, please read the rules, and follow them.
  • Please refrain from shitposting on other pages and articles. It will result on a 2 week to a year ban. The only time that a shitpost will be acceptable anywhere is if it relates to 2b2t and it is on its own page. After a post, I will personally inspect shitposts to determine relevancy. - Dark
  • If you are making a major edit, don't delete half of the page. Instead try to merge your version with what's already there. If for any reason this needs to be done, you must explain the reasoning behind the deletion of large portions of texts in order to receive an exception and full permission. (Admins can handle this but if it gets to complicated, feel free to tell me - Dark)
  • Sato is bias, you could contribute your own non bias contributions with Sato bias.
  • Wiki Reform Phase 1: Organization is 90% complete (Clarified) (I still don't get it)
  • Don't shitpost on this wiki (unnecessary signatures included).
  • Player Pages: To create a player page, you must have done something on the server other than walk around at spawn and chit chat with two people. You must have at least done something memorable or created something on the server (i.e. create a build big or small, be a group leader, grief a base of a well-known player). If you are a leader of a group, your group must first get off the small groups page in order for you to create a page about yourself. Any concerns, message me personally. This is not personal but rather a way to narrow down the +175000 players who have joined the server over the years.
  • If you want to add your group to the wikia, please add it to the Small Groups page, except if your group has more than 30 members or is very well-known or has smaller than 5 members.
  • If you see incorrect info, CORRECT IT! If you have the time to complain, means you have the time to correct.