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"PvP is Cringe bro. Why would you ever want to do that?"
JoinedDecember 2022
BasesSmyrna 2, Los Garr 6, Los Garr 7, SteamFuer, Don Maximus, FutureFuer, GeezerTown 5, EveryoneBase, Geezer Town 6, Donfuer 27, Gysfuer, GeezerTown 7, GeezerTown Seven, Animal Kingdom, Multiple other smaller Donfuer bases
Alternative AccountsM3d1umChr1s, M1n1mumChr1s
CurrentDonfuer, GrayBeard Geezers, Cult of Unga Bunga, Vapepens Elite Alliance
PastThe Imperials, Southern Canal Association, WaterWay Union, The Collective

Max1mumChr1s is a high-ranking member of DonFuer, and was the founder of Don Maximus.



Southern Canal Association

Max1mumChr1s Joined 2b2t on December 6th, 2022. He wandered Spawn and constructed several small short-term bases before seeing a video by Fit about the Southern Canal's expansion by the Southern Canal Association. He traveled to the canal and met Joppari19 there, which resulted in Max1mumChr1s joining SCA. He helped to extend the canal from 520k to 530k, at which point it was paved over by ChiefBeefLoko and raptr_. This resulted in Max1mumChr1s taking a break from 2b2t, and temporarily moving to Constantiam, where he became affiliated with DonFuer and Imperials, which then resulted in his return to 2b2t.

WaterWay Union

Also accompanying the canal pave-over was drama directed at one of SCA's leaders, xForgew, which resulted in most of the group's members moving to the WaterWay Union, of which, Max1mumChr1s was one of the earliest members. While with the group, he co-constructed the 550k monument with Phosph0lipid (called "The Halo") and worked to extend the canal. He also helped to judge the RatRace, one of the groups early events, alongside ThebesAndSound, Godroster, and _xque. He later departed from the WWU after drama surrounding the grief of Don Maximus, but he still maintains friendships with many of its members and leaders.


Upon his return to 2b2t after the Southern Canal's pave-over, Max1mumChr1s mainly focused on Donfuer, and built at several of the group's SpawnFuer bases, including Los Garr 6 & 7. After changes within Donfuer occurred that contributed to base security in March 2023, he founded the base "GlenLivet" (which was later re-named to Don Maximus), alongside Traveeseemo and Tanzinator. He managed the base and built many of the structures there over its several-month lifespan. Don Maximus became DonFuer's largest mid-rank base built up to that point. Max1mumChr1s has also built at a variety of other DonFuer bases, such as SteamFuer (where he built his large Unga Bunga Statue), and FutureFuer where he built many of the smaller builds around the base like the Future-Village and the Large Drain.

Max1mumChr1s continues to be an active member of Donfuer building at many of their bases.

GrayBeard Geezers

During his time in Donfuer, Max1mumChr1s became close with a fellow builder named MuskWizard. Through this friendship, he was invited to the GrayBeard Geezers, a group on the server that is primarily made up of members of the community that are above the age of 30. After being accepted to the ranks of the Geezers, he was invited to the base Geezertown 5, and began construction of a floating island house at the base. He also signed his name to the base's group Mapart for GT5. Before he was able to complete his house at the base, the base was griefed by Outlast. After GT5 was griefed, there was a hiatus until the next base was established in Mid-September.

Max1mumChr1s was one of the first members of the Geezers to arrive at Geezer Town 6. He quickly made up for lost time, and constructed 2 sky builds at the base right in front of the signboard. He continued to be one of the most active builders at GT6, constructing many builds around the base, and helped to construct a large canal running down the center of the base which was the location of a celebration for another member of the base, FIRECATINBLACK. Max1mumChr1s logged on right after the base was griefed while members of the base were still fighting off the griefers, and helped to salvage many materials around the base and collect valuables that survived the grief.

Max1mumChr1s continues to build with members of the Geezers at other bases, and became close with many prominent members of the community through this. He was also invited to EveryoneBase, which was a large community base founded by Joey Coconut.


After the griefing of Don Maximus, Max1mumChr1s was involved in drama involving several other former members of Donfuer. At the time of the grief, it was unknown who leaked the coordinates to Don Maximus, but Max1mumChr1s believed it was Ko8efanboy. Because of the drama between Max1mumChr1s and Ko8e, along with a couple other former members of Donfuer, Max1mumChr1s leaked the coordinates to Ko8e's PvP stash, that was shared with several other well known PvPers. This resulted in him being demoted in Donfuer and being removed from WaterWay Union. Max1mumChr1s eventually earned his rank back in Donfuer, and reconciled with those in WaterWay Union who lost trust in him because of this incident. It was later revealed by a high ranking member of Teutonic Order that Ko8efanboy did in fact leak the coordinates to Don Maximus to them in order for him to be allowed to found his own Donfuer base.



In early 2024, Max1mumChr1s was invited to build at both versions of Gysfuer, the Donfuer Spawn base founded by Warske. He helped to make multiple small builds at both of these bases before they were griefed.


In early 2024, when Donfuer became allied with Vapepens Elite Alliance, Max1mumChr1s became one of the members of Donfuer that became heavily involved in VEA projects. He assisted in helping to keep the group active, and built at several smaller VEA bases. Due to his activity in the group, he was promoted to 'Elite' rank in the group quickly. Max1mumChr1s is still an active member of VEA.