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BasesCamp Wanabee, Gomorrah, Point Nemo, Point Dory, Victoria, Yucatán, Cloud Club, Outta Space Base, Smibville, X-Topia, Hopen, Block Game Jerusalem
Alternative Accountsmvtd
PastNether Highway Group

mattvtd is a builder who has been a member of a variety of bases, as well as the Nether Highway Group.


In the Summer of 2016, mattvtd joined 2b2t for the first time after seeing Rusher's first 2b2t video. When he first joined he escaped spawn and found a outpost called Melon Land[1] After he had become established, he got on the -X nether highway, and traveled to -1 million X.[2] After this, he branched off from the -1 million hub and founded his first base, Camp Wanabee.[3] He set up mob grinders, bred villagers, and was able to obtain his first set of god gear. He also did some building, and then decided to explore the area, where he accidentally stumbled upon Imperator's Base.[4] Following this, he duped items during the 11/11 glitch at his base Gomorrah, before leaving to join Byrnsy and the Nether Highway Group on their journey to the world border.[5] He based at Point Dory for several months. Following its grief, he wandered spawn for nearly a year, generally building small bases and exploring. He founded Victoria

in Spring 2018, and spent the majority of his time on 2b2t building there until its grief in November 2019.[6] After Victoria's grief, he built at Cloud Club, Smibville and X-Topia, before settling at Hopen. Following its grief, he built at Block Game Jerusalem.