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Macca 2508
JoinedEarly/Mid 2015
BasesBlock Game Mecca, Block Game Jerusalem, Hopen
CurrentBlock Gamers, Shortbus Caliphate

macca_2508 is a builder and Block Gamer that joined in 2015 and has participated in several large bases.


Macca_2508 joined 2b2t in early/mid 2015. He built around spawn with GVNewman until he was invited to Block Game Mecca in 2017. While there, he helped with many of the large structures at the base, such as the cathedral, the road system, the nether hub and the 'Macca's Drug Trading' factory. Near the end of the base he helped construct convict island with GVNewman and TCOJC before they turned it into a full-group project with the rest of the base. He also participated in the Shortbus Caliphate early in its lifespan. After the grief of Block Game Mecca, macca_2508 moved to Block Game Jerusalem before going inactive with the rest of the group in November 2018. He returned to build at Hopen. Following the grief of Hopen, the majority of the base was invited to Block Game Jerusalem, so he returned. He continued his giant bowl that he had started before the base went inactive, and built there intermittently until Block Game Jerusalem's grief in June 2021.