MAC_TONIGHT_ is an explorer and basehunter. He led Last Templar, founded Mongoloid Khanate, and participated in The Purge.

JoinedAugust 2016
BasesCostco, Antioch, Mu Megafag base 4, Empire's End, The 2b2t Museum
GriefsGreat Hall base, Inferno HQ
TypeExplorer, Base Hunter
CurrentMongoloid Khanate, Goodwill Trading
PastLast Templar, Vortex Coalition, Emperium, Shortbus Caliphate


Early History

MAC_TONIGHT_ joined 2b2t in August 2016 after watching one of Fit's Rusher Massacre videos. He was usually found playing solo, exploring Spawn, or building at his solo base until 2018. This was only interrupted by his brief participation in the 5th Incursion after duping gear in the 11/11 Dupe and being vouched in by iTavux. In 2018, MAC_TONIGHT_ joined Last Templar, where he met King_Aurelius, GenderPretender, SalC1, DeadlyDarkDragon, and others, while building at Costco. After his participation in the group, he shifted his focus back to stash hunting, ofwhich he had a high success rate. He joined the Vortex Coalition with Dqwnsyndrome. Dqwnsyndrome ran a VoCoin shop that MAC_TONIGHT_ would sometimes help with alongside xentedsilver, doing things such as stealing one of jared2013's stashes in order to sell the items from it. With the VoCoin earnings, they both ranked up to Exalted, the highest achievable rank in Phase IV of VoCo. The two of them also built a Skylight update Lag Machine capable of crashing 2b2t in under 30 seconds, starting at full TPS. In September 2018, King_Aurelius took a break from 2b2t and gave MAC_TONIGHT_ leadership of Last Templar, which he ran to the end of the year. He presided over a short-lived and un-serious conflict with Gambino, who was a former Last Templar member, and Gambino's group, The Crusade, which was a copy of the Last Templar he created after being removed from the group. MAC_TONIGHT_ participated in the 7th Incursion, and then went inactive after its end.[1]

Emperium and Mongoloid Khanate

MAC_TONIGHT_ returned in mid-2019 when Etika started streaming on 2b2t. MAC_TONIGHT_ participated in The Purge, and was put in charge of the lag division after 'policemike55' saw how powerful the machine was. Following the end of the Purge, MAC_TONIGHT_ became a member of Emperium, where he met TheDark_Emperor, Jumbo_Warrior, Bajr, ufocrossing, and others. After The Vo-Perium Conflict started he sided with Emperium, and leaked several VoCo stashes to Emperium, earning himself the Delta rank in Emperium. In mid 2019, MAC_TONIGHT_ also rejoined Last Templar, and started the Mongoloid Khanate with _pope_urban_ii_ as a hangout server for close friends of theirs. MAC_TONIGHT_ learned about a pig godmode exploit that allowed him to travel quickly and invisibly, which he used it to follow players down the Nether highways, and to basehunt. With that and newly re-enabled elytra, he found a large number of old bases in late 2019. In late 2019, MAC_TONIGHT_ became a guest in the Spawnmasons, and later became an initiate, although he went inactive following Authexploit.

Rip MAC_TONIGHT_ and the Return

Fake dupe attributed to MAC_TONIGHT_ after his sudden exit from 2b2t

The sudden manner in which MAC_TONIGHT_ exited the community was so abrupt and complete that somewhat serious rumors began to circulate that he had died in real life. Statements of 'Rip Mac' and similar appeared in a variety of locations throughout 2020. He returned in early 2021 and revitalized the Mongoloid Khanate with many new invites, such as bread_loafs, particularly from the Shortbus Caliphate and later Astral Brotherhood. The Khanate built Mu Megafag base 4 in April 2021, which was leaked through The Brownmen's version of Nocom, with which they tracked Jakethasnake52 to the base.

Nocom map tracking program

Nocom Base Hunting Project

On July 14th, 2021, Nerds Inc released their Nocom video, which was soon followed by the Nocom heatmap later that week[2]. On August 7, 2021, MAC_TONIGHT_ started a small group with _pope_urban_ii_, bread_loafs, Jumbo_Warrior, Jakethasnake52, RainAura, and GSlick to search the heatmap for the location of bases. The group searched throughout August, before giving the information to SalC1 for a video.[3]

External links

FitMC Rusher Massacre video

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