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Members43 at peak


In late 2021, a regular player named Hexw embarked on the journey to create a group that would assist new players on the 2b2t server. One such new player, flixzit, had a penchant for forming groups to gather players. Hexw, who had previously been part of a group called Meteorum in late 2020, decided to create Luminaria. This fledgling group swiftly gained numerous members, earning a reputation as a friendly haven for newcomers.

However, Luminaria faced challenges. An essential member, Larry the Absolute Unit, invited a player who inadvertently disrupted their first base, Lux Island. Subsequently, the group created a new base, Treephobia, further from the server's starting point. Initially, things went well, but disagreements with one of the leaders, flixzit, led to some members leaving the group, suspecting fixzit's influence. Multiple attempts to resolve these issues proved fruitless, prompting Hexw to create a new chat without fixzit. Most members transitioned to Hexw's new chat, calming the situation. They abandoned Treephobia and established a new base called Paradox, restoring group harmony.

After Paradox, Hexw, Hexw, Fishy38, Biglarry62, and RLbob decided to embark on the creation of the Luminaria mega base. Named "Nox Town," this completely underground mega base featured various themed areas. Around one month after the base's establishment, Hexw initiated a building competition, with the winner, Afelot, receiving two months of free priority queue as a reward. However, only three months into the base's existence, Luminaria had to temporarily leave 2b2t due to concerns over a coordinate exploit. They relocated to 0b0t for safety.

During their break on 0b0t, Biglarry62 conceived the idea of running a shop for 2b2t, managed by the Luminaria Dragons. Upon returning to 2b2t, they discovered that the Nox Town base had been griefed beyond repair. Despite this setback, RLbob and Hexw decided to press on with the 2b2t shop concept. Under the stewardship of Qsp, Yofishiscool, and Senakot, the project took flight. Concurrently, RLbob initiated two new bases, a spawn base designed for duping armor sets and building, and a base for higher-ranking members. However, the spawn base's activity waned after a short period.

In a turn of events, Gravixous shared a video on March 19th, 2022, depicting a violent scene with Minecraft music, leading to his banishment from the group. It later emerged that RLbob had also shared the same video two months prior, casting a shadow over the group's integrity. Troubles deepened when Gravixous obtained the coordinates to Veritas and proceeded to destroy the base. Franknificant Who was a good friend of Gravixous sent the same video asking for Grav to be unbanned but Frank then got banned Himself but little did the the dragons know Frank had the coordinates to the Noxshop stash and quickly moved the stash. This event prompted the ejection of Larry and Bob from the Nox Shop for being friends with frank.

In the aftermath of these events, Luminaria experienced a period of dormancy. Larry and Bob took time to regroup, with Larry retreating from the scene for about a month. Eventually, the two friends reconciled their differences. Their determination to rebuild the group and their friendship set the stage for Luminaria's future endeavors.


Luminaria has five main roles, with four of them being inspired by 2b2t roles:

The Dragons: The Dragons are the primary leaders of Luminaria. There are usually five to six Dragons at a time in the group, with Hexw being the main Dragon.

Moderator: Moderators are the second most powerful rank in the group. They have authority within the Discord, but their powers don't extend to the group's leadership like the Dragons.

Guardian: At the peak of the group, many members held the Guardian role. This role signifies trustworthiness but doesn't grant as much authority as the Moderator role.

Lightsworn: Lightsworns are the newest members of the group, typically given this role after applying to join.

Friend: The Friend role is designated for those who are new to the Discord or are unknown to the Dragons, especially if they don't play on 2b2t. Italic text