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Joined2011 (thirteen years ago)
Alternative AccountsMweorz (not owned by him anymore)
PastTytoowns281, 4channers, Facepunch Republic (negative)

luke2thebun was a 4channer and griefer who joined in late 2010 or early 2011, infamous for his participation in the Facepunch War and griefing multiple bases including SquidBase. He attacked Facepunch's first base, Camp Facepunch, resulting in the beginning of the war, in which he insided and griefed many bases using at least one confirmed alt. He was notorious for his early use of a hacked client. He quit the server sometime in 2012.


As a 4channer, it is likely that Luke joined sometime in early 2011, or as early as December 2010. After the invasion of the Facepunchers, Luke was significant for using an alt account, mweorz, to successfully inside the Facepunch Republic. On April 28, 2011, during an event known as Greyskull's Stand, Luke used mweorz to attack Camp Facepunch with the use of a hacked client, killing ten Facepunchers (around half their population). Even before this event, there was some distrust of mweorz. This event marked the beginning of the Facepunch War. He would also grief other bases in the war. In May 2011, he based with his friend Tytoowns281.[1]

luke's alt "mweorz" insiding Facepunch base Fort Creationism Corner (taken from chezhead's tour video here).

One of Luke's most infamous grief was that of passie05's Squidtown. The video of him and his friend Tytoowns281 griefing the base can be found here. He would go on to also grief many Facepunch bases. Some of his most hated enemies included policemike55 and chezhead.

Luke also has a YouTube channel here. It houses three relic videos from the 2011 era of 2b2t, including the previously mentioned raid on Squidtown.

Last time I played there was a hacker who was basically overlord of the server with a tower made of diamond and sponges.
- Description by Facepuncher Taos_Lightnin, thought to be a description of luke2thebun[2]

The above description was given by Facepuncher Taos_Lightnin on February 28, 2013.[2] He was likely remembering the events of the Facepunch War, as he was present at Camp Facepunch before Greyskull's Stand.[3]

Luke2thebun quit the server sometime in 2012 after popbob hacked into his Minecraft account.[2]