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Luke2thebun was a 4channer that was infamous for his participation in the Facepunch War.

Approx. join date2011 (nine years ago)

Known AltsMweorz (Not owned by him anymore)

PastTytoowns281, 4channers, Facepunch Republic (negative)


Luke would usually commit griefing attempts on various bases. One of his most infamous was passie05's Squidtown. The video of him and his friend Tytoowns281 griefing the base can be found here. He would go on to also grief many Facepunch bases. He looked down upon the Facepunchers even to a point where he would use his alternate account, mweorz, to inside the Facepunchers and gain information. Some of his most hated enemies included policemike55 and chezhead.

Luke also has a YouTube channel featured here. It houses 3 relic videos from the 2011 era of 2b2t, including the previously mentioned raid on Squidtown.

Luke's alternative account named mweorz insiding a Facepunch Base. This screenshot was taken from chezhead's Fort Creatonism Corner video, which can be found here.

Role in the Facepunch War

Greyskull's Last Stand on April 28th, 2011 was an attack on Camp Facepunch by Luke which ultimately started the Facepunch War and the large 4channer > Facepunch fiasco. He would also grief other bases in the war.