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The Lost Nomads are a group of 2b2t players organizing events and projects.

The Lost Nomads
The Lost Nomads Logo.png
The Lost Nomads logo, created by __Omni, one of original founders of the group.
Approx. FoundedOctober 29th, 2020
xAlyssa_, __Omni, walmart_security, Onunder, Franknificant, _Smokescreen_
Old Norse
Lost Nomad Games


The Banner of the Lost Nomads

In early October 2020, all of the future Nomad founders were in a small group titled "The Order of the Blue Wizards (OBW)." OBW would be a small base orientated group. Later that month, conflict arose due to the lack of leadership from the group owner Kad, who would invite multiple people to their base without the consent or knowledge from other members. __Omni, walmart_security, and Onunder were prominent members of the group and would disband OBW and seized all relationships with Kad after the conflict. The former OBW members would start a small group named Elder Guardians, and later renamed to The Lost Nomads after xAlyssa_ and Xizzco left OBW and joined up with them too. The Lost Nomads were founded by __Omni , walmart_security, xAlyssa_, Onunder,and Xizzco on the 29th of October, 2020.

Lost Nomad Games

The Lost Nomad Games would become a popular server spawn event organized by player Lost Nomad founder xAlyssa_. The goal of the project was to build huge structures and mini-games within a close radius of spawn in a short amount of time. This would prove to be successful with upwards to 40 - 60 people documented players participating in the games.

Construction of the first Nomad Games (built by xAlyssa_, oofplux, and Dawnfall_) started in late December 2020 about 10k blocks from 0 0, and was quickly found and griefed by The Backstreet Boys before the site could be finished. The second site was built 50k out this time and was built by the same three builders in a month's time. The site featured builds such as xAlyssa_'s Castle, Dawnfall's Tri-Dimensions, oofplux's Excalibur, and a large replica of MemeWoman's spawnbase. In addition, player Forceken would ally with the Lost Nomads to have his Annual Snowball Fight at the first Nomad Games. The event was held on January 22nd, 2021 and was later griefed by FencingF, a longtime enemy of the group.

The second Nomad Games was held just a week later with a different team of builders, with builds such as Franknificant's Hagia Sophia, Snowball Fight with Forceken, as well as xAlyssa_ and 0_Lunch_Katsu_0's King Of The Hill arena. Unlike the first Nomad Games, there was a one week building time period and more prominent players had come to the event. The event was griefed by FencingF (who gave coords to Team_WAO) and the Infinity Incursion.

A week later, the next event, Nomad Games 2.5, was a collaboration with Oliversnowyowl's 2b2t Wave Shop. The griefer of the event is unknown.

The third Nomad Games was once again built about 50k from spawn, with a month of building. This event featured a wide array of builds and builders, including xAlyssa_, Franknificant, Dawnfall_, Greenabi10, _Smokescreen_, Poyraz_Kaptan, walmart_security, and WhiteRhino69. Builds here included Poyraz_Kaptan's miniature Space Valkyria 3 replica, _Smokescreen_'s TNT Run, and xAlyssa_'s Nomad Centre. The event took place on March 20th, 2021 The coordinates of the event were accidently leaked by Digandbuilder on stream,[1] which lead to the early grief by FencingF and oofplux,[2] one of the first event's builders. Only two of the planned games happened before the grief. A redux of the event was held on the Highway Worker Union's whitelist-only server on March 26th, available to those who had trusted early coordinate access.


Old Norse

Old Norse was a spawnbase in which members and allies of the Lost Nomads would build and hang out at. On April 14th 2021, Lost Nomads Founder, xAlyssa_ would find the remains of an old base on a mushroom field biome within the close quarters of spawn. Signs left at the remains of the base would show that it was originally created in 2020; as a result, xAlyssa_ would decide to revitalize the location and Old Norse and it was founded on the 17th of April, 2021. The city was designed with classical and neo-classical architecture, in the center of the base would stand a library made out of quartz where the remains of an old base once were. The library would have a center piece along with two hallways which would lead to symmetrical towers on each side. Unfortunately, along with other builds at Old Norse, the build was never completed. Behind the library was the entrance to the city and a terraformed plateau. The base would gets its name from Scandinavian language "Old Norse" after xAlyssa_ discovered the etymology of the word "troll" to originate from that said language. On May 5th, building materials were stolen from the base and later on May 6th there would be signs left at the base antagonizing the Lost Nomads along with many nether portals. Subsequently, the members of the Lost Nomads decided collectively to end the base themselves as it was feared it would be greifed in soon time. The Lost Nomads would terraform the base to a forest biome, but decided to remove each build and create a massive obsidian cock instead. On May 6th, 2021, Old Norse was abandoned.


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