Lonely Island

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Lonely Island
Part of the Lonely Island base, including its statue referencing the "Forever Alone" meme.
InhabitantsBennyDeece, Momo_the_Bear, audiotone, Anna8anana, The_Breeze
Location(-103180, 14455)
GriefedEarly 2017
World download
LinkNot Available

The Lonely Island was a base created in 2011 by Momo_the_Bear and BennyDeece. The name comes from that it was over 100k blocks away from spawn, which was considered very far away in those days, and considerably remote. It was griefed in early 2017 after Mines made a video on it, as one of the people who knew about the base coordinates also knew the griefer jared2013 had them.


The most unique thing about the Lonely Island is the giant statue of the Forever Alone meme. The island also has many wooden houses, thought most are just pretend businesses like shops and restaurants. The island also is unique because it has many games like chess, Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots, redstone dice, and some others.

Reddit post by BennyDeece

Crazy to see this here. I am one of the original creators, BennyDeece. Me and Momo_the_Bear come from a small town in Alberta, Canada and he got me to join 2b2t. He wanted to make a base really far away that would never be griefed (although it has but he mentioned they backed up the island for some sort of legacy project).

When we were finally able to leave spawn, we were sneaking trying not to be seen by anyone. One player, audiotone, found us and wouldn't leave us alone even though we asked. He wasn't attacking us and we talked a bit. At the time he said he was living in California and told us about how he only listens to this one band all the time haha (can't remember the name but it was somewhat punk if I remember; weird how some parts of the past stay in our memories). He finally convinced us to let him join so we started off travelling. 100k from the spawn was the goal to be safe. We ended up travelling in the nether to decrease the travel time but it still took forever. Finally, we calculated that we were far enough and went back to the overworld. We ended up in a cave deep underground in the middle of an ocean. We decided to swim up and almost drown if I recall correctly.

With us three swimming on the surface in the middle of the ocean, we decided to swim in opposite directions and the first person to find land would let us know. I can't remember who, but we ended up finding an island. Since it was in the middle of nowhere, we decided on the name The Lonely Island; the pixel art was created by Momo sometime later (it was a popular meme at the time).

After building for a while, my girlfriend, now fiancé, Anna8anana joined and travelled all the way back to spawn to get her. Also, Momo's and my best friend The_Breeze joined and we had to travel back again. Actually, now that I think about it, they might have joined at the same time? The_Breeze's name came from a catamaran that he built (and named The Breeze) in our high school wood shop; painted white with a white sail and blue lettering. He was so pumped when he finally set sail and crossed the entire lake in our small town in northern Alberta (although the mast broke at the first attempt if I remember correctly). I met him at the other side of the lake with his family when he finally crossed with just the sail and the boat that he made by hand.

We continued to build, just the five of us. Any other names in the video that you see aren't from any of the original creators. Rock 'em sock 'em robots, checkers, connect 4, and the dice machine built for our Risk board were the games we created. Oh yeah, that other one we called splief I think? Two teams would play and you would press the button so the wool block would come out. You could run around if you didn't have it but once you picked it up, you weren't allowed to move. You had to stand still and pass it to your teammate then you could move again. The goal was to get it to the pressure plates and then musical blocks under the pitch would go off signalling the goal; we had redstone torches to keep score. Oh, and that cobblestone spire thing wasn't from us. We also made a city hall which you didn't show. It had wool on the ground and, when we wanted to make a decision, those in favour would stand on one colour, those opposed on the other, and there was a neutral section in the middle. We had a bunch of silly laws to keep things interesting (I think we built a jail that you also didn't show just to mess around in). I built the ship (which didn't have the banners NG... just wanted to clarify). All of the buildings had furniture and loot but those must have been griefed before you found it. After most things were built, we would mostly just logon, talk on mumble, and play games; Momo, The_breeze, and I all moved away from the same small town for university so it was a way to stay in contact. Audiotone was really cool too and we all ended up becoming good friends at the time just talking and playing for hours.

We slowly stopped playing and lost contact with Audiotone and couldn't find a way to reach him since we didn't have any contact information or even know his full name (his first name was Chris I believe but that's all I know). We did log in occasionally years after, all separately, since we were curious. I posted a sign, same with audiotone, and Momo after his surgery. The last sign I posted wasn't in the video so I don't know if you missed it or it was taken down; without going into detail, our best friend The_Breeze passed on June 7, 2012 so I made a memorial of sorts.

Sorry for the long story but I thought it would be interesting for those who hear about The Lonely Island and wanted to know the history of it. If you or anyone have any questions, let me know. Also, MercyTheMan, let your brother know about this and if he wants to, we can catch up sometime.

- BennyDeece