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This page is for listing pre-june players. A short description should be added detailing what they are known to have done.


  • 0x22 – Developer of Future Client. Nerds Inc member.
  • 0xymoron – Joined in 2011. Known for his series of bases, Ragnarok I and Ragnarok II. Also known for his interest in the collection of rare items.
  • 2b2t – Joined in 2011, and was a member of the original Gape.
  • 24 – Created a well-known survival guide for 1.8, viewable on James_Rustles' blog or ingame, and made several farms around Spawn.













  • LazyNickers – Built at Exodus and helped repair NFE.
  • Legato – Well-known oldfag and builder, one of the main builders at Boedecken.
  • LegitLobster – A builder at Imp's Base.
  • Leonnorius – Builder at Kaamtown and helped repair NFE.
  • livelion – Participated in the Facepunch Republic, and helped repair NFE.
  • Lizzaroro – Oldfag and map artist.
  • LostMyGun – Oldfag from 2011.
  • Luke2thebun – 2011 4channer known for "starting" the Facepunch War and griefing Passie Town. Known for being one of the first hackers as well as an avid Facepunch hater and griefer.
  • Lifeisgood72 - The last active member of the community to join before TheCampingRusher's initial video was published. Built at Ocala and Avalysium.
  • LLAMAxRIDER – (AKA AyyItsCancer) Joined some time before June and played for an unknown amount of time, only becoming active post-june with peak activity in 2017. The account was later used by many for PvP.




  • Offtopia – Very well-known oldfag, original member of Team Veteran, founded the Crystal Islands, The Drain, and was a member of Summermelon and Mu.
  • omaliymix – Based at 1 million Base and quit after being harassed by popbob.
  • OreMonger – Joined in 2011. He is known for his incredible redstone constructions and his ability to create massive bases in a short amount of time. He had a feud with popbob and Nerds Inc.


  • Parthicus – Joined in early 2011, based at The Lands. Also known for being an extensive griefer.
  • passie05 – Oldfag built Passie Town and other old bases.
  • Phagocytic – Joined in 2012. He was a leader of the Facepunch Republic and the proprietor of 2k2k.
  • policemike55 – Joined in 2011. He was a leader of the Facepunch Republic and a friend of popbob and jared2013.
  • Polly_the_Parrot – Oldfag who joined in 2010. Created Polly's Diamond Island and was a member of 700Base and Plugin Town, among others.
  • popbob – Joined sometime in early 2011 but became active in the summer of 2011. She is the most infamous griefer in 2b2t's history alongside jared2013. She is a part of The Tyranny.
  • pYrO1v1aniac – Joined in 2010. He has been a part of many bases over the course of his time on 2b2t, and is generally regarded as the oldestfag still "active".
  • Pyrobyte – Joined in 2012. He was known as the king of 2b2t and helped to create some of 2b2t's most famous illegal items.



  • SalC1 – Well-known 2b2t Youtuber, second largest to date. Joined sometime in 2013 looking for the oldest server in Minecraft. Started regularly playing in June 2016 when he heard about the Rusher war. Uploaded some 2b2t videos on the SalC1 YouTube channel.
  • Saril2000/JoshGreep – Was at Shenandoah and participated in the Fourth Incursion.
  • Sato86 – Midfag and known for his server timeline. Founder of Valkyria.
  • Sequel – Leaked Facepunch Republic coordinates in 2011, Apart of the 4channers.
  • Shaddowgnome – Killed the Ender Dragon with iTristan, jdw, and others.[1]
  • shougun – Friend of popbob.
  • SilverKrownKing – Midfag and member of KKK, based with Jacktherippa.
  • sirfunkadely – Based at both Asgard II and Valkyria.
  • sirms – Based at Valkyria.
  • Sleepylittlefox – Oldfag, member of Third Incursion.
  • slow_dive – Oldfag from 2011. Created Agul Siento.
  • SmackAttack86 – Leader of The Guild. Former Infrared and DonFuer member.
  • SnackyNorph – Joined in 2011. Member of Valkyria.
  • Spikain – Based at ZiggyBase, Kaamtown, and Algul Siento.
  • SpoilerAlert – Built the SpoilerAlert's Castle.
  • stormtroopah – Oldfag, was at Asgard II and Kaamtown.
  • stupidwalrus – Based at The Lands, Fenrir, and participated in the Fourth Incursion.
  • Sun_Wukon – Midfag from early 2016. Popularized lag machines during the Rusher War.
  • swimforce/Ratz42 – Oldfag. (see Ratz42)


  • Tachrev – Co-founder of Aureus and The Boedecken.
  • taylo112 – Griefer and past member of The Tyranny.
  • ThebesAndSound - Founder of the Southern Canal leader of the public works project immediately following the 7th Incursion.
  • TheCampingRusher - A famous YouTuber who started a war on Team Veteran. After they tried to kick him. Inactive since 2018
  • THEJudgeHolden – Known as the maker of the 2b2t comics.
  • thePOMPANO – Was a builder at The Lands and Valkyria.
  • TheRustleLeague – Oldfag and known troll. Based at KKK with several others.
  • thesheergenius – Prejune player, VoCo member, has since quit 2b2t. Joined Oct 2015 after the Vice article.
  • The_fox – Midfag. Always typed in green text and in all caps.
  • Todarac Founder of Turrim and builder at many bases. Longtime member of Spawnmasons.
  • tomah54660 - Staffmember on The Museum.
  • tonad – Known for creating early media of 2b2t in 2012, and based at Kaamtown.
  • torogadude – Former and well-known 2b2t YouTuber.
  • Trancedkuja – Midfag from 2013.
  • Tumorous – Spawnfag from 2014/5, griefed VoCo base, member of 4th Reich, ran the first successful shop on 2b2t.


  • UBERSLUGCAKE – Tried fixing spawn from 2014-2016. Was stopped right before Rusher came due to the 4th backdoor. Now active on Constantiam and served as the server's first President.
  • ufocrossing – Joined in 2012. Longtime member of the Spawnmasons.
  • uglykids – Midfag from 2013/14. Map artist. Contributed to the world border corner dig.



  • willyroof – Well-known Oldfag and map artist. Builder and co-founder of many famous bases. (e.g., The Drain and Mu)
  • WowGain – Participated in the Fourth Incursion.