List of builds based on real locations

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Many builds on 2b2t are based on locations in the real world. The following is a list of notable such builds.


Date built Builder Base Screenshot Based on Real life year built
mid–late 2012 Several base members Imp's Base Christ the Redeemer, Brazil 1931
September 2012 xcc2 Kaamtown Bunratty Castle, Ireland 1425
September 2014–March 2015 coconut4 Fenrir Eiffel Tower, France 1889
September 2016–June 2018 Fabustra, Giganox Equilibrium Twin Towers, United States 1973
June 2017 Lifeisgood72 Ocala Arc de Triomphe, France 1836
2018 Beezlesnort Block Game Jerusalem Eiffel Tower, France 1889
July 2018 Armorsmith Hellsmith The Treasury, Jordan 1st century AD
August 2018 Flow_Joe Rhine Gate, Germany 1860
December 2019 Brownmen members Twin Towers, United States 1973
March–August 2020 FamilyPumpkin6 Hopen Louvre Pyramid, France 1988
September 2020 Franknificant Notre Dame, France 1345
September 2020 Franknificant Saint Laurenschurch, Netherlands 1518
December 2020 Franknificant Berlin Cathedral, Germany 1905
January 2021 Franknificant Adamantium Frederik's Church, Denmark 1894
January 2021 Franknificant Hagia Sophia, Turkey 537
August 2021 Franknificant SpergClub Dome of the Rock, Israel 692
September 2021 Franknificant Hermeticlock SMP Base El Castillo, Mexico 8th–12th century AD
October 2021 Franknificant Hermeticlock SMP Base II Speyer Cathedral, Germany 1061