List of 2b2t-related subreddits

This is a list of 2b2t-related Subreddits.


This list is incomplete, so you could help by expanding it.


  • 2b2t – The official subreddit. Up since 2012. Don't make fun of Fit or Hause here. Very active.
  • 2b2t Uncensored – The second largest 2b2t-related subreddit. Up since 2018 with the goal of censoring as few posts as possible. Active.
  • 2b2t Uncut – Up Since 2021 with the goal of censoring as little posts as possible. Created following drama with Zltb, the owner of r/2b2t_Uncensored. Inactive.
  • 2b2t Server – The predecessor to 2b2t uncensored. Created in 2017 with the same goal as 2b2t uncensored. Inactive.
  • 2b2t Freespeech – Subreddit created by Lowdown69, as he was banned from 2b2t uncensored for spamming. Created in 2018. Inactive.
  • 2b2t Anarchy – Subreddit with no rules, so expect a lot of porn and spam. Created in 2017. Locked.
  • 2b2t and Imgur – Subreddit for sharing 2b2t-related Imgur albums. Created in 2016. Inactive.
  • 2b2t Mapart – Subreddit for posting Mapart from 2b2t. Created in 2019. Inactive.
  • 2b2t Signs – Subreddit for posting signs from 2b2t. Created in 2019. Inactive.
  • test2b2torg – Dedicated to the server. Created in March 2021. Barely active.



  • Fitfagcringe – The go-to place to make fun of Fit's fanbase. Up since 2019. Active.
  • Oremonger_irl – People repeating a joke from 2014 over and over. Created in 2020. Inactive.
  • 2b2t Memes – Subreddit for 2b2t memes and shitposting. Created in 2016. Inactive.
  • Okbuddy2b2t – Subreddit for posting low tier memes and shit post. Subreddit flooded with gore and nsfw by the gulag; subreddit locked.
  • I Play 2b2t – Similar to r/fitfagcringe. Up since 2020. Inactive.