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BSB Is a greifing group, Silver Eyes is a cope Machine
JoinedFebruary 2020
BasesSoccer FC, Eagles Rock II, Eagles Rock III, Wuhu Island, George Harbor, Haram base, Sperg Club, ForΞvΞr, BSB Partybase, Fort Joe
GriefsAvalysium, Point Cobalt, Karakorum, Mediano, Vega, The Stables, Nomad Games 1, Nomad Games 3, Nomad Games 4, Nomad Games 5.
TypeGriefer, Builder
Alternative AccountsLightningB0lt45, LightningB0lt46, LightningB0lt47, LightningB0lt48, PenjaminEnjoyer
CurrentBackstreet Boys
PastInfinity Incursion
LightningB0lt44 Using DL to stream snipe fitmc in may 2021


Early History

LightningB0lt44 joined 2b2t on the February 18th, 2020 after digandbuilder, invited him onto the server. Shortly after escaping spawn, he proceeded to built his spawnbase SoccerFC. After its grief 2 months later, he went inactive until May 2020, when digandbuilder invited him to Eagles Rock II, the Backstreet Boys main base for Summer of 2020. There, he built some houses, a small pvp area and decorated pathways around the base. While there, Lightning achieved the "Affiliate" role in BSB and befriended other BSB members such as iMems, NOON3R, CrunchyHotSauce, v999, yos and lisavel. In Autumn 2020, Lightning was invited to his first significant BSB grief, destroying Karakorum (aka ChongFuer). After these griefs, Lightning was quickly promoted to Inner circle in BSB and helped iMems and dig with recruitment and stash hunting.

In December 2020, Lightning and dig started looking for a new main base location. While searching on the 100k World Download, they found an island that looked remarkably similar to the island in the Nintendo game Wii Sports Resort. This island became the BSB base named Wuhu Island, which was active until it was griefed in April 2021. He shared photos of the base with Odpay, whom Lightning didn't realize was also a 2b2t player. Odpay recognized the server IP and became involved with BSB, leading to the grief grief of Avalysium later that month.

BSB Membership

In Early 2021, during a period of inactivity within BSB, Lightning reached out to other communities in 2b2t mostly in an attempt to gain more recognition on the server. This resulted in him joining Infinity Incursion led by former BSB member BachiBachBach. Lightning participated in several projects led by I.I. such as the Lava Wall Repair, and Operation Secret Void. Lightning also joined the I.I. building division and built at a few of the group's bases, such as George Harbor. Through playing with I.I. members Lightning befriended Redstoner2b2t, Imswordking, Zeenyo, Preb2, Franknificant, Dcuz, CirocDrip, Dcuz, Basementbob, and Fuzzyrussian.

While moving materials for Wuhu Island in February 2021, Lightning discovered Nomad Games 1, which resulted in its grief by BSB. This started a concerted effort in BSB to find and grief all consecutive Lost Nomads bases, which was achieved using insiders and abusing digandbuilder's permissions as a VIP guest. This led to a conflict between Lightning and the leader of the Lost Nomads, SilverEyes2b2t which fizzled out by the end of 2021

As a result of all these activities, LightningB0lt44 recruited many new members into BSB which led to the group becoming much more active. Combined with iMems return to playing 2b2t, the BSB had a busy spring 2021, griefing Point Cobalt and Avalysium, and then Mediano in short succession. After rumours were spread about how odpay had gotten Avalysium's coordinates, Lightning made up with him.

After the Avalysium grief, Lightning became friends with Redstoner2b2t, who leaked the to him the Brownmen's version of Nocom, which they called "dl". It was used to stream snipe Fit multiple times during June 2021. Lightning also briefly helped with work on the large 2b2t item shop known as Shulkerroad.

In August 2021, Lightning, digandbuilder, and iMems conceived a event style base known as SpergClub. The premise of the base what that new members were added every day of the event until the base got griefed. It was situated less than 10k from spawn and lasted over 3 weeks with 47 confirmed base members

Throughout the rest of 2021, Lightning contiunued to grief with BSB, as well as once again expand out to other groups in 2b2t. However due to a situation in real life, Lightning was largely inactive on 2b2t until May 2022.

LightningB0lt44 After the greif of Avalysium


When Lightning rejoined he quickly fell out with his replacement in the BSB leadership, Kokainer. Most BSB members sided with Kokainer, which led to drama at a spawnbase Lightning had created in June. This led to Lightning effectively leaving BSB's ranks for a short period to let things cool off. This allowed Lightning time to design his solo base ForΞvΞr, which was named after a music album he liked. He focused building his base. Lightning received support from the likes of Negative_Entropy, Franknificant, digandbuilder and Eternal_Fin with large donations of materials required to build the base on the server. In August 2022, Lightning re-joined BSB in an attempt to rebuild the past relationship he had with the group. This mostly worked and Lightning ended up inviting many BSB members to the base. This led to the creation of some new builds, including a voxel of Saul Goodman and a rebuild of the Shortbus Caliphate mapart. ForΞvΞr was greifed after Lightning streamed coords in a private vc that Kokainer was in. Kokainer leaked the base to 1drw, and fiddlesticks98, It was griefed 3 weeks later, resulting in Kokainer's removal from BSB.

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