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JoinedMarch 27, 2016
BasesPacific Heights, Ocala, Avalysium

Lifeisgood72 was a player that joined in March 2016 as a result of the Vice article. It all started when he was viewing /r/minecraft. He found a post that linked to the Vice article about 2b2t. He played on the server for 5 minutes but then left because it was a laggy piece of shit (still is). After the rusher invasion, he rediscovered the server, however was unable to play due to the queue. When they introduced the oldfag queue, the gates had been unleashed.

Lifeisgood72's first action on the server was heading to the Valley of Wheat. He mined a few bushels of wheat without replanting, then headed away from the axis for Overworld travel. He decided to travel across the diagonals and head to 100k,100k. Along the way, he found Beefytown, griefed it, and then continued on. When he headed to 100k,100k, he made a World Trade Center recreation which he posted about on the 2b subreddit. Then he griefed a bunch of other, smaller places, like Fitlantis.

In November 2016, he founded Pacific Heights, a modern/futuristic city-style base whose 5 members were friends of Lifeisgood72. Donster, after being invited to the base, leaked the coordinates to 0xymoron and Slappnbadkids, who griefed it on livestream in January 2017. Lifeisgood72 then went on to start a solo base in June 2017 named Ocala, an opulent 19th century European style city, which would be his base for 3 years before being found and leaked in February 2020. He built at Avalysium in 2021 , being invited shortly before its grief.