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JoinedFebruary 2017
BasesSmibville, Cloud Club, Block Game Jerusalem, COVID-2147, Rat House, Sky Masons
Alternative Accountsliejurv (both leijurv and liejurv are shared accounts, so rarely actually leijurv)
CurrentSpawnMasons, Nerds Inc
Past0Neb Appreciation Group, Guardsmen

Leijurv is one of the developers of Impact Client, a widely usedcheat client among 2b2t players, and the lead developer of Baritone, an advanced block pathfinding algorithm. Baritone on GitHub

He made the bots that made The Masonic Eclipse a reality.

He is the owner of a YouTube channel (warning: contains videos of toenail corners being ripped off).


Leijurv was pointed towards 2b2t because it was the perfect environment to test his Baritone bots on. From here, he would upload progress updates onto his YouTube channel to inform the community about changes and upcoming features.

Eventually, Leijurv started to join different 2b2t related Discord servers such as the Vortex Coalition's. One of the more advanced creations was a Baritone network to help The Vortex Coalition sell items, and regulate prices based on supply and demand. There were plans for trading futures. The project failed.

In early 2019, Leijurv would meet HermeticLock. This friendship was very beneficial to HermeticLock, as Leijurv would teach him advanced computer science concepts. This meetup would lead to Leijurv joining the Spawn Masons, where, as of July 2020, he serves as Worshipful.

During the mapping of the 100k spawn project, Leijurv created some custom software to help map out entire areas of chunks. This was incredibly beneficial for the project and is one of the reasons the full 100k download of spawn has become available to the public.