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Inhabitants0Mateciotti, 1zt, BestMexico, BigGreasyEgg, bobbers22, BryceDey, CuppyK, DanDucky, Durkaaqt, Greggopants, Harrissssonn, Jersker, LifeGrips, MrEjr07, MrSourkiwi, Paulsteve007, postto, Raaanch, Ranlen, rrdrock, Tonepa, TryPod11, xrayessay
Location(-26,726, -66,612)
StartedOctober 16, 2021
GriefedDecember 26, 2021
Grieferslukent, MaxHolloway, TreebranchMC
World download
LinkHosted on the Archive

Larptown was a base founded by postto on October 16, 2021. It housed many members of Spawn Builders Association. It was griefed on December 28, 2021 by lukent, MaxHolloway and Treebranchmc.



Larptown was founded by postto on October 16, 2021 for members of Spawn Builders Association that were not added to the more exclusive SBA Sanctuary base (although most of its members were also later added). Many regular participants in SBA were invited there and the base quickly grew. Builds at the base included Harrissssonn's Spooky Tree, Postto's Church of 69, MrSourkiwi's Tower of Larp, Postto's French Manor, and the so-called sacrificial hole where the members killed mobs tamed by well-known players (such as Fit and Barrendome, respectively) in order to 'protect the base from griefers'.

Grief and Terracotta War

In early November (about two weeks after the start of the base), MaxHolloway, discovered Larptown while escaping Spawn. He stole all materials from the base as well as MrSourkiwi's history of the base entitled 'The Book of Larp'. A month later, BigGreasyEgg discovered MaxHolloway's solo base. On December 24, 2021 some members of Larptown went there and griefed his base as revenge for his theft of materials from Larptown. When the grief of the base was finished, members of Larptown were about to leave when suddenly MaxHolloway logged on. The members gave him a warning to not steal from SBA again and left him. He shared coordinates of Larptown with two of his friends from Imperials, lukent and TreebranchMC, and on the December 28, 2021 the three of them griefed Larptown. This triggered a short conflict referred to as the Terracotta War, in which Spawn Builders Association members insided and griefed all but 2 of the Imperials active bases.


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