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"2b2t is a relaxing environment"
JoinedJanuary 20, 2017
BasesFollytonvilleshire, Summermelon, Space Jam, Endcursion, Numenor, Block Game Jerusalem, Poseidon, Mu, Whitehaven, Endtopia, Five Isles

Krobar01, or simply Krobar, is a 2017 player and builder known for his numerous builds at bases such as Numenor, Endcursion, Endtopia, Whitehaven, and Five Isles. He is also a former member of the SpawnMasons.



Krobar01 joined 2b2t on January 20, 2017. He lived in relative obscurity, grinding gear and farming materials. Upon becoming bored of this, Krobar decided to begin Follytonvilleshire. It was there that he built his "Keep" build, which prominently carried many of the design elements later to shine in his M.O.A.K (Mother Of All Keeps) at Numenor.[1] He also built his Mad Scientist Aquarium and Happy Ogre Sunken Pyramidal Arboretum and Bar, built in a drained out ocean monument.[2] His builds gained the attention of players due to his posts on r/2b2t. He was invited to Wintermelon, though declined as he was in the middle of a build. He had Follytonvilleshire added to The Museum, and the base lasted ungriefed until jared2013 destroyed it during his Month of Destruction.


See also: Summermelon

Word of Krobar01's building capabilities quickly spread, and he was invited to join the SpawnMasons, as well as the base Summermelon. He left Follytonvilleshire to join Summermelon in April 2017, where he based for a relatively short amount of time, as the base lasted only four months. Even so, Krobar had enough time to construct two large builds. The base was griefed on July 28, 2017, by Fit and AlphaComputer, who, despite being fellow SpawnMasons, killed Krobar during the grief. Following the event, Krobar was instrumental in bringing about Fit and AlphaComputer's removal from the SpawnMasons, as they had broken the SpawnMason code for harming another member. Krobar left the SpawnMasons soon afterward.


Before Summermelon was griefed, Krobar01 was invited to Space Jam by other members of the SpawnMasons. The base fell before Krobar01 could build a meaningful amount, so he decided to move to a new spot, which he titled "Endcursion", where he built before returning to Summermelon. He returned there periodically for the next few years, constructing Cthulhu, the Isles, the Airship Armada, and Void Rider. He also cleared out an area that was originally intended for the Interdimensional Bridge. Krobar01 abandoned the base after it was compromised by 0x22 with the Authentication exploit.


See also: Numenor
Krobar01's M.O.A.K. at Numenor

Following the grief of Summermelon, Krobar01 was invited to Numenor by Offtopia, in August 2017. In Krobar01's words, "...[Offtopia] told me to build something big, so I built M.O.A.K." Following its grief as a result of a leak from the BoeMeccan Witch Trials, M.O.A.K. received overwhelming praise from the community as a whole.[3]

Block Game Jerusalem

See also: Block Game Jerusalem

Upon the fall of Numenor and the foundation of Block Game Jerusalem, Krobar01 was invited to BGJ. He built intermittently there throughout 2018 and 2019, constructing his so-called 'Hovel', Skull, and Eye. He also helped in the initial design of the unfinished Temple at the base.


See also: Mu

After the fall of Numenor, Krobar01 moved to Mu. There, he contributed a little on 2b2t itself, mostly restricted to bombing the massive central basin of the base. In singleplayer however, he created the original design of what later became the Interdimensional Bridge after receiving inspiration from discussions about what to do at the base. He also designed a variety of other builds for the base that he built in other locations after thematic changes at Mu, such as the Poseidon statue and Endcursion towers.


After duping extensively at various locations, Krobar01 brought all of the items to a single spot, where he began building in September 2018. He started with a broken ship, then put the base's namesake, Poseidon, in the middle. He continued with a large seahorse statue, the central aquarium, and a variety of undersea builds. jared2013 came to Poseidon as a result of Nocom, but did not grief it. Krobar decided to abandon the base after the nether nearby showed significant increases in player activity. As part of the grief, the location was filled with Elder Guardians that had been stashed near the base


Krobar01's Interdimensional Bridge at Endtopia

Following the Authentication Exploit, Krobar01 was invited to Llane's and Offtopia's end base, Endtopia. He constructed his Interdimensional Bridge alone at the base over the course of several months in mid 2020.[4] Krobar01 built the bridge as a self-described "...island of colour in the void." After the initial period of construction he shifted his focus to Whitehaven for much of late 2020 and early 2021, returning to Endtopia to continue the basements in the bridge. After Endtopia's discovery by Durkaaqt, who was streaming while basehunting in the SBA discord server, the location was compromised when Im_Stexs gave the location to Moonshine. Krobar01 griefed much of the base over the course of a two hour pvp match before being killed back to spawn by Im_Stexs. PaulSteve007 completed the grief after it was found that Moonshine was repairing the base in order to make a griefing video.[5][6]


See also: Whitehaven
Krobar01's central castle at Whitehaven

In August 2020, Krobar01 was invited by jared2013 to his new base with orsond, then called 'Teton'. After building the vast majority of the location singlehandedly, he was given ownership of the base, to which he invited many builders who together built what has been hailed as one of the best bases in the server's history. His main build at the location was the large central castle, but he also built a large amount of the surrounding farmland and houses, as well as contributions to many other builds at the base. He helped to grief the base upon its leak.[7]

Five Isles

See also: Five Isles

Krobar01 founded Five Isles as a solo base on July 22, 2020 following the griefs of Mu and Poseidon, and the compromisation of Endcursion throughout early 2020. After position accounts there and starting to plan the base, he was invited to Whitehaven, which put Five Isles on hold until Whitehaven's grief in June 2021. Following the griefs of Whitehaven and Block Game Jerusalem, he invited several of their members to Five Isles, giving each member of the base one of the five islands at the base. While there, Krobar01 built Phenomena island over a year and a half period from June 2021 to December 2022, which consisted of a large terraform, stylized Sky roofs, many dozens of custom trees, houses, and a collaboration with Joey_Coconut building an airship battle. He self griefed the base with Joey_Coconut on December 16, 2022.



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