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Krobar01 is a 2017 2b2t player who is notable for being a high-ranking member of the SpawnMasons.

"2b2t is a relaxing environment"
Krobar Skin.png
Approx. Joined20th January 2017
BasesFollytonvilleshire, Summermelon, Endcursion, Numenor, Poseidon, Mu



Krobar01 joined 2b2t on the 20th of January, 2017. He lived in relative obscurity, grinding gear, and farming materials. Upon becoming bored of this, Krobar decided to build Follytonvilleshire. It was there that he built his keep, which prominently carried many of the design elements later to shine in his MOAK. Krobar had Follytonvilleshire put on The Museum without it being griefed. The base lasted, ungriefed, until jared2013 destroyed it in his Month of Destruction.


Word of Krobar01's building capabilities quickly spread, and he was invited to join the Spawn Masons, and Summermelon. He was at the base for a relatively short amount of time, as the base lasted only 4 months total. Even so, Krobar had enough time to build two large builds. Following the grief of the base by a group including Fit and AlphaComputer, Krobar was instrumental in bringing about their exit from the Spawn Masons.


While at Summermelon, Krobar01 was invited to Space Jam by other members of the Spawn Masons. The base fell before Krobar01 could build a meaningful amount, so he decided to move to a new spot, which he titled "Endcursion." Krobar01 abandoned the base after it was compromised by 0x22 with the Authentication Exploit.


Following the grief of Summermelon, Krobar01 was invited to Numenor by Offtopia. In Krobar01's words "...[Offtopia] told me to build something big, so I built M.O.A.K." Following its grief as a result of a leak from the BoeMeccan Witch Trials, M.O.A.K. received overwhelming praise from the community as a whole.[1]


After duping extensively at various locations, Krobar01 brought all of the items to a single spot. He started with the broken ship, then put the base's namesake, Poseidon, in the middle. The Poseidon statue was originally meant to be placed at Mu, although this did not happen as they altered the theme system. jared2013 found Poseidon but did not grief it.


After the fall of Numenor, Krobar01 moved to Mu. There, he would help extensively with terraforming.