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"It's been real. It's been fun. But it ain't been real fun."
JoinedSeptember 15, 2020
BasesBlue castle, Los Garr 5, Los Garr 6, Los Garr 7, Endfuer, Exfuer, Cookie Shack, Cookie Shack 2, Falco, SCA NYE, Kibou, Exfuer 2, Don Maximus, Dopefuer
GriefsValley of Jesus, Cookie shack 2 (Self Grief), The Halo
TypePvper, Builder, Stash Hunter, Digger
Alternative Accountsminekeimpf, dloadedhitsgirls, MoonshineMike, catgirlko8e, TTOgoon, ko8eFemboi, c10h15n0, Jo0H8ter, 2builder2tool, MeowSticks, Gayroster, MoonshineMax, Yolani, luwukent, sillytransboy, SillyTransGirl, IronShovel, Kobefanboy, C10H15NOfan
CurrentCollective, Teutonic Order
PastSouthern Canal Association, WaterWay Union, DonFuer

Ko8efanboy is a player who joined in 2020, and is a member of a variety of groups. He spends most of his time on the server pvping, stash hunting, and building.


Ko8efanboy returning to his first base with crzychris 3 years later

Early History

Ko8efanboy first joined 2b2t on September 15, 2020. During this short initial period on the server, he joined a small spawn base run by crzychris before going inactive.

Ko8efanboy clearing blockages in the southern canal with NIGHTRUNNER_

Canal groups

After two years of inactivity, he returned on September 13 2022 and joined the Southern Canal Association. He became a high-ranking member after a sustained period of activity in the group. On February 28th 2023 he was removed from the Southern Canal Association after stealing the stash of xForgeW, who had fallen out of favor with many of the members. After the SCA dissolved, Ko8e was invited into the nascent WaterWay Union by Godroster and ThebesandSound, becoming the group's 6th member and one of many past SCA members looking for canal work. He quickly became a high-ranking member there as well. After some drama with other players he griefed the 550k Milestone on the canal.

Ko8efanboy would leave the group after the drama, but remained friends with many members of the WWU.

Building groups

In December 2022 he joined The Collective and DonFuer, where he was intermittently active and rejoined several times. While in DonFuer, he led his own base, DopeFuer, and built at bases such as Don Maximus and Blue Castle. During this period, he unintentionally caused the DonShop stash's theft by Neria after sharing passwords to an alt account and forgetting to change it. He continued to be an active member of both DonFuer and The Collective until he left DonFuer on July 28th due to his stash being leaked by Max1mumChr1s, a high-ranking member of the group.

It was later revealed by a high ranking member of Teutonic Order that Ko8e was the one who leaked Don Maximus, resulting in it being griefed.



  • Ko8efanboy is known most for his skill in Crystal PvP. He gained much recognition in the community for his abilities with Crystal Combat, and made connections with other players and groups through PvP.
  • Ko8efanboy is not a well known builder, but made many friends on the server that are talented builders.


[1] Crystal PvP on Practice Servers with Future Client