Knights of Spawn

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The Knights of Spawn
StatusMost likely disbanded along with Emperium
FoundedJune 1st, 2017
DisbandmentDecember 2019
LeaderPharoah64, TheDark_Emperor (By Annexation)

The Knights of Spawn is a small group of players founded by Pharaoh64 (formerly CadetDurina) on 6/1/2017 dedicated to helping players at spawn survive and preserving builds on the server. It was annexed by the The Emperium on about 6/16/2017, joining many of the other groups working in part for The Emperium. While under the control of The Emperium it worked to recruit new players to the group. Around October of 2017, it started losing its momentum as a group and is now considered inactive. Despite this, a few members are still fairly active in the Emperium discord.

Notable Members

  • Pharaoh64 (Head Knight) (Founder) (Leader)
  • Liltinyten (Right Hand Knight)
  • ZeeCraft (Knight)
  • Killerboy555 (Knight)
  • Wildman8 (Knight)
  • Reddiamond1234 (Knight)
  • Ericudo (Emperial)
  • The Dark Emperor (Emperial) (Emperium Leader)
  • rootbeerguy1212 (Emperial)
  • morph_murph (Emperial)
  • Luminous Bambi (Emperial)
  • US_Valient (Emperial)
  • Dur2na (Squire)
  • KronosWild (Squire)
  • Iceman7722 (Page)
  • SirDerpsAlot (Page)
  • 420 Blaziken XD (Page)