Knights Templar

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Knights Templar
Knights Templar Banner
FoundedEarly 2016
Bases~3 (RedCross Castle)

Knights Templar

Not to be confused with the similarly named The Last Templar

Knights Templar were a small building group on 2b2t founded by Hickster2. The group gave several of their builds an overall crusade and typical Knights Templar theme.


The group was started sometime in 2016 before the Rusher Invasion when Hickster2 and his friends began building farms and castles on the server. Their initial base was known as RedCross Castle, which was eventually found by several new players during the Rusher War and greifed. The group would begin to go inactive by early 2017, however, during this time, the 2b2t YouTuber Mines would later create a video on RedCross Castle, which can be found here.

Notable Members

  • Hickster2
  • Few others