BasesForest Temple, The Shroom, Valkyria (base), Hitlerwood, Fort Avril, Fungi Island, Ironfarm Base
Alternative Accountsjohnnymoe
PastFacepunch Republic, Valkyria


Time on 2b2t

KnightVista joined 2b2t in 2011 after seeing threads about it on Facepunch. After escaping Spawn, he started his first base; the Forest Temple, in homage to a structure in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. In early summer of 2012, he began basing with Flamereaper666 at his base, The Shroom. Over the course of the summer, several players (including Sleeprocket, Fire2Box, c1yd3i, and hinderjd) joined them there. The Shroom lasted for several years after. In 2014, Knightvista, was invited to Hitlerwood. He also built Fort Avril (named after Avril Lavigne) on a temp map while the main server was down for an extended period in March and April 2014. He went inactive in 2014. He later briefly returned in 2020 to build Fungi Island with Joey_Coconut, which lasted until its leak through the 256K Mapping Project's public release.[1]

Fake KnightVista

Sometime in 2014, KnightVista's account was stolen when someone else migrated the KnightVista account besides the actual owner of it. The player that stole the account continued to use the account for longer than the original player had even owned it. Masquerading as KnightVista, Fake KnightVista became a member of Ironfarm Base and continued to play as late as 2021. Following the theft of the KnightVista account, c1yd3i lent the real KnightVista the account johnnymoe, by which name he now goes.

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