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"As Cake Tzar officially appointed by Notch himself, I deem this cake unworthy."
Joined23rd June, 2022
Bases3 bases with Donfuer
6 bases with Cakemasons
TypeBuilder, Group Leader
Alternative AccountsCakemasons
CurrentCakemasons, Cult of Mer

Kizzycocoa is a 2022 player and founder of the building group Cakemasons.


Early History

In June 2022, Kizzy joined 2b2t and completed his challenge to escape the Spawn region without dying or using a hack module. After meeting a hostile player on the highway, he joined the building group DonFuer in late June. He was gifted his first kit by EXM1LITARY before making his way to the spawn base. Kizzycocoa rapidly rose up the ranks in DonFuer due to his activity and background, gaining the Scout Grade 2 rank before even building at a base, then Ranger rank in under three weeks. When at Scout Grade 2, he took charge of his first spawnbase, Spawnfuer 28.1B. This was because the given coordinates were a "swampish hellhole devoid of land". The base was named Kizzyland by A1FastYellowGTO. It had a jokey rebellious theme, prominently featuring a giant golden penis built in faux-defiance of their base location. This construct was kept secret from the leadership by all visitors up until D_loaded and HermeticLock visited the base, shortly before its destruction.

Cakefuer Banner
Cakefuer banner

After this, Kizzy began founding pseudo-scout bases, restricted at first to the inhabitants of Kizzyland, and later, the newly-established Scout Grade 3 recruits. All bases were founded in the spirit of letting users build to whatever theme they wished, rather than locking them into a medieval theme. These bases were known as "Cakefuers". After the first Cakefuer was founded and destroyed, Kizzycocoa implemented additional security measures, to the relief of members and slight discontent of leadership. During this time, EXM1LITARY was kicked from DonFuer, and a Discord group called "Cakefuer Gaming" was created in order to keep in touch with EXM1LITARY. This further caused tension between Kizzycocoa and DonFuer leadership.

After Cakefuer 2 fell on the 24th of August, DonFuer leadership removed Kizzy from the group due to his vocal disagreements over base security measures and the removal of EXM1LITARY, as well as stirring discontent and undermining leadership with a member petition for better base security. Kizzy disputes these claims, stating a sympathetic leadership member revealed DonFuer had planned to remove him because of their disagreements, but feared doing so would split the membership. He claims that DonFuer leaders refused to discuss ongoing issues with him and misconstrued his past experiences on the internet to damage his reputation within the group.[1]

Cakemasons - 1.19 Update

Cakemasons Banner
Banner of the Cakemasons

Kizzycocoa and EXM1LITARY then co-founded the Cakemasons, bringing with them several fellow basemates. They founded their first base on September 5th, 2022, which went without a name until just before its destruction on the 21st of October, 2022. This base also laid the groundwork for a decent group stash with donated stacked items, courtesy of a sponsorship from the Noxshop, who were sympathetic to their removal from DonFuer.

In October, both of the group's current bases were destroyed by Orsond, due to EXM1LITARY betraying the group in exchange for access to Fifth Column's Copenheimer program. Seeing the damage done to their prospective group stash, Kizzy took what was left far away and founded the stash-base The Fridge. During this period, the group found itself in a state of inactivity for 3 months, being active only via voice calls as preparations for the stash were undertaken.

The stash, named "The Fridge", was founded in late December, with construction of the titular fridge taking a further 3 months. During this time, Kizzycocoa was invited to the Bing Bong Connect 4 event as a helper, before participating later on as a representative of the Cakemasons. Following this, Kizzycocoa began to participate in more group building with the Cakemasons at Black Forest Cake. Kizzycocoa would begin to shift to Constantiam, as purchasing priority queue became harder to do due to IRL financial issues. He eventually removed Aodrael from the Cakemasons after he leaked their first Constantiam base, Sugar Cake. He then founded Manor House Cake on Constantiam, which would later be destroyed by Franknificant, Nettastini and EXM1LITARY. As the 1.19 2b2t server update loomed, Kizzycocoa prepared by unstacking their group's illegal items, placing both of his accounts at The Fridge.

1.19 Update - Present

Following the initial 1.19 update, Kizzycocoa was one of many members who would refund his priority queue and fully move to Constantiam. This was due to the controversial removal of swathes of items in the attempted economy reset. When the server rolled back, he hesitated to rejoin quickly, fearing a co-ordinate exploit. After over a month, he logged on to deconstruct The Fridge, placing a small memorial where it once stood. He moved all of the items around 600 blocks from the original Fridge pearl-loading chambers into new 1.19 chunks, then began to travel to the new stash location.

Kizzycocoa then had a brief falling-out with Kit Nightingale during this time, leading to her co-founding the Fridge-hunting discord, through which Kizzycocoa and Noxshop members fed fake screenshots and co-ordinates of The Fridge. During this travel, the memorial was discovered by Jackafa_. He believed it was a Noxshop stash due to the close ties between the Cakemasons and Noxshop, as well as the prior faked screenshots. Concerned for the group's stash, Kizzycocoa hastily transported the stash onto the path that led to The Fridge's new location, before proceeding to resume travel to the new stash location.



  • Kizzy is often credited as 'The guy who got cake into Minecraft', due to him running the 'Quest for Cake' campaign in 2010.[2][3]
  • The username "Kizzycocoa" is a portmanteau of his 2 pet chinchillas, Kizzy and Cocoa. Kizzy's death prompted the prolonged use of this nickname in his memory.


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