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"Two avocados for ten bucks!"
Joined8th of January 2021
BasesThe 2b2t Museum,SpergClub Mercatraz Industrial v1
Alternative AccountsKitNightingale78,Catfing,Kitobo
CurrentObscension, Pitfight, Cult of MER, , Backstreet Boys
PastJupiter Museum Group Cakemasons xCASH_CARTI, The Invincibles, Mew Revolution, Untitled Goose Gang, Sun Knights



KitNightingale joined 2b2t during the Covid-19 lockdown as a New Year's resolution to escape spawn on January the 8th 2021. She first built several Waypoints on the Neg Neg highway in February 2021. The first was for the -1 million overworld landmark in the nether featuring an obsidian Bare Knuckle Pigmen Fight Club Arena, a Hells Kitchen [café](cafe), and a waystation with a miniature rollercoaster for the kiddies. Later waypoints included a Pig Funtime Adventure land, A overworld Skydive platform with decorated stairs and treasure hunt, a Suspicious Bookshop with café, and the 2b2t Toilets waypoint with a massive luxury toilet block for the males and a tiny hole in the ground for the non-existent ladies.

She joined up with CantChooseThis after daring him to punch a wither naked, without getting withered and getting a screenshot at the same time to prove his worth and give him some kits which he surprisingly did. She then got as many new players to do that as possible for fun, with only one other managing it. Kit met her second and most long term ally Octavio after spamming French swear words in 2b chat, while not being able to speak another coherant sentence of french to answer her messages. Kit, Cant, Octavio, Skelza and polycorp then grouped together as the first members of the infamous self-declared King of 2b2t, player xCASH_CARTI base on the 18th March 2021. HermeticLock agreed to join but had little chance to travel out to the base before the base was insided and griefed a week or so later.

Kit then joined The Invincibles to build at their HQ base, which was griefed 3 minutes after she was given coordinates by their leader. She later built at the spawn base Wild Emerald which was started by The Invincibles. Kit met Dargonman the Youtuber aka Memewoman and helped with several spawn projects and the sneakiest spawn base video alongside, Miki_moo and others. She aided #TeamNoTrees with their event on April 18th 2021 setting up double chests of flint and steel for the entrants to use to try to win Priority Queue and 40k Browncoin, burning as many trees near spawn as possible. She helped at the later Invincibles Sora Blue base. She made many friendships in the highway building group The HWU that year and still aids in highway repair whenever she can. She later became a leader in the Mew Revolution soon after and built at several of their HQ's.

She met AnimeTiddie and Mewlificent, and then joined the Obscension building group, also starting as a member of Pitcrew in May 2021 for the very first Pitfight event and onwards as a builder and commentator. Kit became a member of the Untitled Goose Gang group, with Mewleficent from Obscention and ghostly_turtles who she met at Wild Emerald, building a giant Goose base at the world border. She later helped build the Backstreet Boys Allah Cube at spawn with Franknificant and others in 2021. She was MrAllNet's lawyer at the famous 'Griefing of McDonald's Trial' held by the Gulag and JBalls, with clown being the claimant against MrAllNet after he allegedly griefed McDonalds. She built a PTSD Jakethasnake52 rollercoaster at the SpergClub Backstreet Boys spawn base.


She was a builder and base member of the Easter Island base by Mew Revolution and Spawn Party Association in April 2022. Kit had a live stagefight with Jared2013 on the 2b2t r/place discord stage created as an impromptu event directed by Redstoner2b2t and mediated by BachiBachBach, which she is most known for in the community.

Kitnightingale took over and coordinated the 2nd run of a 2b2t wedding event in the successful effort to keep it a secret, helping to build a massive cathedral designed by Franknificant alongside the 2b2t Squid Games building group. The wedding was originally going to have Fit as the priest, but Killet admitted later to partly sabotaging Fit's involvement. SalC1 took over as the priest for the event. As vertz and the bride said 'I do' the wedding was crashed by SyndicateNA. Fit put out a video on the event on June 11th 2022.

Kit built at the 1st Jupiter Museum Group base where Franknificant designed a massive 2b2t museum with the help of players such as Forceken, EnigmA_008, Svenn_Svenn and more. The base was leaked accidentality to Dima788 and was griefed by MaksiTaxi and Alfie05.


Kit built at the Backstreet Boys spawn base in January 2023, as well as a MaksiTaxi spawn base. In Feb 2023 she aided and commentated the 2b2t Connect4 event by Svenn_Svenn. She became a member of the The 2b2t Cavemen and Cakemasons groups in 2022. Kit is also active in the Sun Knights group now and again, helping alongside AnimeTiddie in one of their spawn bases. KitNightingale, in collaboration with RLBob, raided a significant stash containing over 20 double chests of Etika items and old 2019 kits. The duo successfully moved this valuable loot to RLBob's stash, Bobtopia, which later became the main stash for The Cult of Mer, a group co-founded by KitNightingale and RLBob. In the same year, KitNightingale decided to leave the Cakemasons, the group she was previously a part of, due to multiple dramas with Kizzycocoa. This departure marked the beginning of the Cult of Mer


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