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JoinedThursday November 22, 2012 16:34:40 GMT-0500
Alternative AccountsViooltje

kinorana, commonly known as kino, was a trader notorious for owning hacked items and gear, creating a backdoored client, and being responsible for the Kinorana Map Crisis in 2017, which put a dent into his reputation for some time.


Kinorana Map Crisis

Kinorana was responsible for the Kinorana Map Crisis, a prank of his which deleted every map on the server. However, prior to the prank, Kinorana contacted Hausemaster to warn him and save all map files so he can restore the maps if he wanted to. Due to what happened, he was relentlessly insulted in chat. Kinorana also designed the April Fools' Map 2017.

Kinorana also created a backdoored client unknowingly used throughout the 11/11 Dupe. He also leaked the stack dupe of 2017 on his YouTube channel. One of Kino's largest claims to fame is his selling of hacked items, most notably stacked armor. Massive duping of these items has led to his name being on almost every piece of armor. Kino's Stacked Chestplate is the most common out of the full set.