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JoinedThursday November 22, 2012 16:34:40 GMT-0500
BasesValkyria, Fenrir, KinoGrad Base
Alternative AccountsViooltje
CurrentNerds Inc

kinorana, commonly known as kino, was a trader notorious for leaking the 1.4.7 dupe to Valkyria, owning hacked items and gear, creating a backdoored client, and being responsible for the Kinorana Map Crisis of 2017.


Early History

Kinorana didn't do much for the first 6 months of him joining the server, but around early to mid-May 2013, he was invited to Valkyria. According to Sato86, he was a very strange player and even tricked the other members into believing that he griefed the base:

He was quite strange and I even began to think that it was mistake to invite him. He even fooled us into thinking he had griefed Valkyria. He downloaded the chunks and griefed it on single player, took the screenshots and showed them to us. I wasn't at the base when he did that so I couldn't confirm. He apologized to me and so I let that pass.
- Sato86[1]

Then, after only a week of joining the base, he showed the base members the 1.4.7 Dupe, which involved being in freecam and pushing a minecart of items into a nether portal. It would be because of this dupe which would lead to Valkyria becoming an incredibly powerful group for the next couple of years. At Valkyria, he would always hurt Drewbookman and "keep him away", which would lead to drew being distant from Pyrobyte and Sato86 as they became more friendly towards kino. This would snowball to the point where drew left Valkyria and griefed the base in June 2013, halting the ongoing First Incursion. Kinorana would join other group bases like Fenrir and KinoGrad Base.

Blacksmith of 2b2t

One of Kino's largest claims to fame is his selling of hacked items, most notably stacked armor. Massive duping of these items has led to his name being on many sets of armor for years. Kino's Stacked Chestplate is the most common out of the full set. Kino is widely known as the "Blacksmith of 2b2t". He is responsible for a large majority of existing god armor. Kinorana sometimes spammed in chat: "Buy Kinorana goods today!", to promote his services.

Later History

Kinorana created a backdoored client during the 11/11 Dupe to gather coordinates of unsuspecting players who used the client. He was also responsible for the Kinorana Map Crisis, a prank of his which overwrote all maparts on 2b2t with his own anime mapart. However, prior to the prank, Kinorana contacted Hausemaster to warn him and save all map files so he can restore the maps if he wanted to. However, this was not done, and map files have never been restored after a reset on 2b2t. Due to what happened, he was relentlessly insulted in chat with such insults as: "send KINO to ISIS."

Kinorana designed the April Fools' Map 2017 and also leaked the Stack Dupe of 2017 on his YouTube channel. He considers the members of Nerds Inc as friends and regularly communicates with them, notably c1yd3i. He mentioned the Nocom exploit during an interview in 2019.[2]