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KinoGrad Base
"RIP KGB, the savior of 2b2t." - Sato86
Inhabitantskinorana, OreMonger, Branillon, Drewbookman, YellowstoneJoe, SilverKrownKing, VargaGirl, xarviar, marcus4761, TheRustleLeague, ExaltedSpartans, balonypony, Monaxide, TheBishopOf2b2t/Dorquemada, JunkerVogelsang, TheEmperorOf2b2t/worende, Sato86
LocationX:160200, Z:-873700
StartedDecember 2015
GriefedApril 20, 2016
Griefersc1yd3i and iTristan (Nerds Inc)
World download
LinkNot Available

KinoGrad Base (KGB), also known simply as KinoGrad and often stylized as Kinograd Base or Kinograd, was a group base founded by kinorana and OreMonger after the fall of King’s Landing. It is perhaps most notable for its role in the drama of the fourth backdoor.


KinoGrad Base was founded by kinorana and OreMonger after King’s Landing was griefed by its members due to the coordinates being leaked by iTristan. Many members of King’s Landing joined KGB, including YellowstoneJoe, Drewbookman, Branillon, and SilverKrownKing. One later arrival to KGB was marcus4761, who was one of the founders of The Monastery.

Major builds at KGB included VargaGirl’s VargaCastle, SilverKrownKing’s chateau, marcus4761’s KGB Palace Hotel, xarviar’s temple, Dorquemada’s house, a statue of a giant spider eating a pig, a large iron farm, and Drewbookman’s double mob grinder. OreMonger was well known for building massive (and often very laggy) redstone farms and sorters at his bases, and at KGB he built a massive sorting system, a large mob grinder, and a redstone-powered fireworks shop, as well as automatic firework launching systems and other automatic farms. High above the sorting system was a massive sun made of stained glass, and next to the sorter was a small fountain with a firework system built under it. A red and white “KinoGrad” sign was built above the fountain, with the name translated to Russian on the back. A Nether hub was also built out of ice and iron blocks. Many builds at KGB were never completed, such as a large castle named the Fortress City of Tyr built by Sato86 and SilverKrownKing as a “Valkyrian Embassy”.

The base was griefed by c1yd3i and iTristan as part of the Tyranny’s Week of Destruction.

Role in the Fourth Backdoor

After the grief, Drewbookman claimed on the subreddit that Sato had leaked the base to the Tyranny, albeit without providing any substantial evidence. This information should be taken with a grain of salt as Drew and Sato have hated each other ever since Drew griefed Valkyria.

The grief of KGB was one of the key pieces of evidence that Sato pointed to when revealing the existence of the fourth backdoor, going as far as calling the base “the savior of 2b2t” for what it had revealed. According to Skype logs released by Sato in that same post, evidence of the backdoor was leaked by members of KGB, which was then griefed by the Tyranny in retaliation. After the grief, Bran was enraged that the backdoor had been leaked because he had ties to iTristan. This account was immediately disputed by Tristan, Bran, OreMonger, and kinorana, who each denied that there was a backdoor and that a leak had ever occurred. Kino even denied that Bran was ever at the base, despite his name appearing on KGB’s member board. However, soon after the grief of KGB, the existence of the fourth backdoor was conclusively revealed and it should be noted that despite claiming that he didn’t have any real ties to iTristan, Branillon eventually joined Nerds Inc. Soon after the fall of KinoGrad and the reveal of the backdoor, OreMonger and many of the other base members quit 2b2t, with most moving to Constantiam.


KinoGrad Sign (from a world download)

“Operation No OreMonger” (Shows footage of the KGB grief)

Videos by OreMonger (Both uploaded the day KGB was griefed):

KinoGrad Fireworks Test 1

KinoGrad Fireworks Test 2

Imgur album by OreMonger

Cinematic tour by Mines (Griefed)

Reddit post by OreMonger about the base (Contains Drewbookman's accusations in the comments)

Reddit post by Sato soon after the grief claiming that KGB was griefed because of a backdoor (Note OreMonger, Kino and others arguing with Sato in the comments)

Later Reddit post by Sato about the backdoor (Contains the Skype logs and rebuttals from Tristan (tdude66) in the comments)