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"[She] hates you people" -jared2013, October 2018
Joinedearly 2011
TypeGriefer, Builder
Alternative AccountsOreMongerIsANig, OreMongerIsANigr, sendGAYStoISIS, JIDF, RIDF, popbobYT, _popbob, xXBR0NY_PR1D3Xx, Uiopopbob
CurrentNerds Inc, Guardsmen (Honorary)
Past4channers, Facepunch Republic
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This article is about the infamous troll named popbob who had an alternate account named chris_leighton. This page is not to be confused with another oldfag troll named chrisleighton.

popbob was an infamous oldfag, and griefer who joined in early 2011 from 4chan, and is now inactive. She[Notes 1] is significantly famous among modern 2b2t and other servers due to being popularized and subject in many videos by YouTuber FitMC. As of today, she is used in various shitposts and memes relating to 2b2t. popbob is notorious for supposedly having griefed more bases than any other known player on the server, although this achievement has long been contested by jared2013.



popbob joined 2b2t in early 2011 as a 4channer and would later become a Facepuncher. She is one of the oldest 2b2t players. As policemike55 once said: "I know there are older players on 2b2t but [she] is the oldest I can remember." The most famous base popbob was ever part of was called Squid Base. She randomly found the base during a base hunt by going through Nether portals. Even back then, popbob had already gained notoriety as a griefer, so as the members of Squid Town gave her a tour and an invitation to join, they came to terms that the base would be griefed. Luckily for them, popbob accepted the invitation. She teamed with policemike55, passie05, xcc2, chase101, and CreamOfTheSlop, and helped with the construction. She would go on to build a glass dome there. Luke2thebun later griefed the base so she abandoned it.

After she left Passie Town, popbob moved on to play with her Facepunch friends and many others but would never stay with a group for long. popbob was also part of early Facepunch bases in 2011. One of the most well-known was the 1095 365 Base. Its members were popbob, Tark, Dachande, stewe231, and Phagocytic. She made some smaller bases with her previous basemates as well, such as 700Base in 2013 with xcc2 and other Facepunchers.

popbob was making plugins for Hausemaster at the time and backdoored one of them, causing Hausemaster to lose all trust for her. This backdoor allowed popbob to gain access to spawn in any blocks and items she wanted. She shared their backdoor abilities with her fellow basemates. Later, popbob brought them to a new place and built Plugin Town. Hausemaster discovered popbob's backdoor very quickly, leading to the base's abandonment. popbob also made another solo base a bit later in which she dug several holes all the way down to bedrock for no particularly known reason.

popbob continued to grief and was still a very dangerous person. Over the years, popbob, iTristan, and other members of The Tyranny created their own client, nhack, to support their base finding and exploits.

popbob was consistently hateful in the main chat and ridiculed everyone constantly. In personal chats with other players, she acted somewhat friendly, or at least not completely toxic. While she was being friendly (in comparison), though, she would be logging on with alts, lavacasting, blowing things up, or stealing information from other people's PCs. In later years, she became quieter, just spamming with Welcomer and Announcer. popbob was able to do many things other players could not do because of her backdoor access to 2b2t. This allowed her to do things like spawning in materials and even making a pig spawner.

Griefing and infamy

popbob went on to become an infamous griefer and toxic player. She worked mostly alone in her griefing outbreaks and occasionally griefed with other Facepunchers during the Facepunch Era of 2b2t and with D4RKJ0E (jared2013) or iTristan during the Age of Tyranny. She was able to determine other players' coordinates using the thunderbolt exploit. The exploit used an oversight in Minecraft's code that allowed the coordinates of thunder to be tracked down through packets, as the sound of thunder was global and would only strike where players were located. The exploit would send the coordinates to popbob in chat, which allowed popbob to find players, kill them, and grief their bases.

Another activity that gained popbob infamy was stealing information from other players. When many players, including xcc2, taylo112, and iTristan, were rebuilding a base known as Kaamtown, popbob used nhack to screenshot Omaliymix and Kaameron's desktops and send it to them. They both quit 2b2t after that, and xcc2 stopped using nhack. However, iTristan and ImperatorTerrae, as well as some others, continued to use it.

During the 3rd Incursion, popbob's griefing reign finally ended when the incursion members hunted popbob down and caused her to combat log.

Later history and current activity

After this, popbob has left and rejoined many times on alt accounts or on her main. popbob uses alt accounts to keep her identity secret from the wave of new players, as the majority of them do not know of these alts.

popbob changed her skin from her iconic troll-face skin to an all-white skin on July 7, 2016. She was also seen on 2b2t on December 4, 2016. Also, sometime in 2016, she reconnected a link in a chain of beds using the bed teleportation exploit on an alternate account known as RadicalHiccup so that jared2013 could use it to grief a base known as The Lands, a base owned by Jacktherippa.

On June 13, 2020, popbob changed her Minecraft skin to the trans rights flag. She also linked a Steam profile on their NameMC page by the name of Mackenzie, and commonly uses the name Kenzie on Discord. Many people were confused and doubted that if Popbob still owned her account due to this surprising change; however, iTristan later confirmed that all Nerds Inc member's accounts where not taken and still owned by their respectful owners, confirming Popbob is transgender.

popbob has been seen on 2b2t as recently as 2020, very occasionally however and still considered to be inactive by most people. During the creation of the Guardsmen, HermeticLock invited Popbob to the group and joined; however, due to her inactivity and HermeticLock only inviting her as a joke, this is mostly considered honorary.

popbob was also present in the activities of Nerds Inc’s development of the Nocom coordinate exploit; she did not contribute to the exploit however.



  • popbob was amongst the first players to use hacks on 2b2t. Hacks at the time were not as readily available to the public as they currently are. People would either code the early clients themselves or get them from friends or sketchy sites. Due to the fact that this was in early Minecraft, these may have been the first hacks ever used on Minecraft.
  • Despite her destructive tendencies, popbob seemed to enjoy building as well.
  • popbob is one of the most popular topics of memes in the server's history, and various popbob related memes were created by the community, including: popbob bread, popbob sex dupe, Tyrone is popbob.


  1. popbob has chosen to be referred to with female pronouns.