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Type Group base
Status Griefed
Completion September 29th, 2016
Builder(s) HappySeniorMan
Other denizens HappySeniorMan, GalaxyDonut
Dimension Overworld
Leaker HappySeniorMan (By accident)
Demolishers Random Players

Kektown was a group base built by HappySeniorMan, and later added to by GalaxyDoughnut. The base was also the first base built by HappySeniorMan in september 2016.

File:2016-10-14 21.14.13.png
Map of the northern part of Kektown. There would never be a second part due to the 11/11 dupe.


Kektown was used as the main hideout for HappySeniorMan, who used it originally as a temporary base, until he realised nobody could find it, then he invested more time and resources into the base. It was lucky positioning for Happy, who used the positioning to get to spawn quickly. Eventually GalaxyDoughnut moved in and built her own house upon a hill, overlooking the base.


Eventually, after many expansions and updates, Happy wanted to have a youtuber tour the base. He messaged Doctrzombie, a youtuber, about the base, and in doing so leaked the coordinates to the base. It took a long 3 weeks until someone found and griefed the base, and in that time the two were able to escort valuables and make a world download of the base. It was griefed late january 2017.