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Kalash, known as Reima on YouTube, was a member of 2fort2furious (2f2f), the founder of the Team Fortress 2 clan The Axeassins, and an administrator of the 2b2t Garry's Mod server. He met Hausemaster on 2f2f in 2008, and invited him to The Axeassins.


The Axeassins Steam group membership, peaking in January 2010.

Kalash created his Steam account on December 14, 2005.[1]

Kalash founded The Axeassins, a Team Fortress 2 clan, on November 3, 2008.[2] Kalash later met Hausemaster on 2f2f and invited him to The Axeassins.

Kalash was later banned from 2f2f for him and his group being notoriously exploitative.[3] After this, in August 2008, Hausemaster created the 2builders2tools (2b2t) Steam group and Garry's Mod server, a parody of 2fort2furious. Kalash was an administrator and helped maintain the server with Hausemaster. However, in April 2009, he got demoted along with 11 other admins, making Hausemaster the only admin. It is unknown why this happened.

I broke the servers so many times. I think Housemaster weighed more of the cons on keeping me a mod because i cause as much grief as I do moderating
- Kalash[4][5]

Following the demotions, the Steam group was raided.[6] The Garry's Mod server went down sometime before 2b2t's Minecraft server started in December 2010, as stated by Kalash, but it is unknown when exactly this happened.

Kalash did not play on the 2b2t Minecraft server.

His clan, The Axeassins, continued for years. The Steam group has always been locked as invite-only.[7] It still exists with 140 members as of September 2020.


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