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InhabitantsiTristan, Kaameron, Leonnorius, omaliymix, passie05, policemike55, popbob, Spikain, stormtroopah, taylo112, Tonad, xcc2
LocationX:-129500 Z:82253
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Kaamtown was an influential base created in 2012 by Kaameron, omaliymix, Spikain, and xcc2, following their Jungle Saucer Base. The base housed many notable players and stored hacked items from server backdoors. It eventually fell in late 2013. An illegal end portal block was located at the base which was used by many people before being removed in 2015.



Following the grief of ZiggyBase, Spikain and omaliymix founded what would become known as the Jungle Saucer Base, built in a jungle biome due to their recent addition to the game in version 1.2.1. Spikain built a tower of water surrounded by chests and omaliymix built a brick house. They invited other players such as Kaameron, who built his house, Branillon, who built a small hut, and zxcwbz1, who built a sandstone lighthouse. Leonnorius worked on his sandstone castle called the Sand Nig Palace, which he never finished due to running out of gold. This was his only build on 2b2t, and he mysteriously left the server during his time at the base. xcc2 arrived and began working on a large jungle saucer. An underground base area was mined out to gather stone for the build. popbob arrived and mined an underground tunnel, and created a staircase to bedrock, and x0XP built an underground tunnel with a piston door.[1]


After the Jungle Saucer Base was abandoned, Kaameron, omaliymix, and Spikain traveled far out and founded Kaamtown. Spikain used the map-rendering tool Amidst to locate the site for the base. Spikain created crop farms and a sand duper, using the Sand Dupe, and began working on a gold farm. xcc2 arrived a few days after the others, and built a mountaintop temple utilizing the new emerald ore added in update 1.3.1. He spent a few weeks building a large stone castle, based on the Bunratty Castle in Ireland. He finished the castle in September 2012, and it was his favourite build on the server. He also built a large sandstone temple, one of another prominent build at the base. omaliymix built a stone brick tower and a wooden mansion, Kaameron made a sandstone tower and a small brick house, and a player named Tonad built his house, with a tower and fountain.[1]

Progress was relatively slow, and other players were added over the following months, such as stormtroopah, iTristan, and iTristan's real life friend Amigo. iTristan and his friend worked on two large uncompleted builds. Around this time, Spikain began playing less and less before eventually disappearing from the server. The base stood idle for a long time before being griefed by x0XP for being accused of griefing previous bases.. A small lavacast was made over xcc2's castle, obsidian was scattered around the base, and several structures were damaged.[1]


After some time had passed, xcc2 returned to Kaamtown alone and repaired the griefs. The player who griefed Kaamtown did not play actively and had not leaked the coordinates. xcc2 invited passie05, x0XP (who griefed it in the first place), policemike55, omaliymix, Kaameron, and popbob to join him. taylo112, stormtroopah, slow_dive, and hurc later arrived as well. omaliymix, taylo112, and policemike55 built a dock area with a boat. The group utilized the Minecart Dupe of 2013 to dupe lots of items, which they stored in a stash in xcc2's castle. Several builds were made, such as Kaameron's desert pyramid replica and library, omaliymix and Kaameron's brick house, taylo112's church, and stormtroopah's jungle village. xcc2 stored lots of illegal items in item frames underneath the base, in fear of Hausemaster running a plugin to remove them.[1]

Despite the base flourishing, drama emerged between the players. Some of the members used popbob's client, nhack, which, unbeknownst to the members, gave popbob access to screenshots of its users' desktops. Using the client, popbob sent Kaameron and omaliymix screenshots of their desktops, and the two of them quit 2b2t forever. For a while, it was only xcc2 and stormtroopah at the base, until a player named Javazon arrived and griefed the base. xcc2 and stormtroopah fought him off until xcc2 killed him in the Nether, and they abandoned the base afterward due to the compromised coordinates.[1]


The End portal at Kaamtown

In late 2013, when xcc2 was at Imp's Base, iTristan placed an end portal block at Kaamtown, which xcc2 and others used for a while, until it was removed by Hausemaster. A player named stupid_walrus came to the base, restoring the area near taylo112's church and placing spawners. Eventually, the duped items at the base were moved a few thousand blocks away in the Nether to a new site, where popbob, policemike55, and a few others started a small village. stormtroopah took some duped items with him and moved about 100,000 blocks away, creating a small solo base in a flower forest.[1]

The illegal items stored in item frames were later smuggled out by x0XP who discovered that illegal items were only removed on the inventory actually being opened and with client-side modifications the were able to be transported using the crafting table slots as well as be placed, x0XP later took these illegal items to spawn and shared them with Pyrobyte.



The following screenshots were originally uploaded on an Imgur album here on June 3, 2014.[2]


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