KOS Assassins

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KOS Assassins
FoundedEarly 2015. Revived in 2018

A screenshot of KOS members, some on alts, at spawn.

The KOS Assassins were originally a group of players brought together by DrEnderPickles (Bezopasan) in 2015. A new iteration of the defunct group rose under the same leadership in 2020. This iteration was a spawn PvP group which reformed to battle the split off Snake Platoon.


In early 2015 during the Third Incursion, the Legion of Shenandoah was absorbed by Valkyria, leaving all members in disagreement to fend for themselves. In a fit of rage, Bezopasan, (formerly known as DrEnderPickles), swore vengeance on Sato86 and warned him that a team of elite killers known as The KOS Assassins are Rising. After failing to originally gather members, DrEnderPickles was attacked by the Valkyrians at spawn, then bedtrapped, and he then abandoned the server for multiple years, before returning in 2018.

Jakethasnake52 bedtrapped

By 2020, DrEnderPickles had amassed a team of strong PvPers from across the server to take out the newly founded Guardsmen at their home base. The group was able to kill many members and aggravate the Guardsmen by distracting them from making any progress. The battle culminated with the group performing a hit on the group during an initiation at Aureus City. Tomad was able to kill multiple members with one crystal, but because Fit butchered the information, many members decided to jump ship due to a lack of clout and recognition gained from the attack. This resulted in a massive information leak to Emperium and many members changing sides. Dismantled and fractured, it was up to DrEnderPickles to find new members who could be trusted.

During the attacks on the Guardsmen motherland, DrEnderPickles met fellow YouTuber Jakethasnake52 and formed a close friendship with him and his friends. After the original core group fell apart, DrEnderPickles made a base called The Batcave with Jakethasnake52, smeek_, and WiderThanEurasia, as well as others. However, after Jake found out that both DrEnderPickles and smeek_ were not straight, he began attacking them personally, which created tension in the group, and ultimately caused it to split. DrEnderPickles adopted all of Jake’s former friends into a newly formed KOS Assassins, with an all new roster and with an all new mission.

On August 27, 2020, KOS Members smeek_, DrEnderPickles, WiderThanEurasia, and GayAustralia showed up to a Jakethasnake52 base after DrEnderPickles and Wider an insided. The grief resulted in Jakethasnake52 being bedtrapped, alongside other base members. The grief and bedtrap was recorded and posted on the DrEnderPickles YouTube channel.

The group would eventually disband later in 2020.