Justice Against Mutes

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Propaganda made for JAM by Brickzebra
FoundedMay 2023
LeaderBob! (Founder)/ KrazyKrew

Justice Against Mutes (aka JAM) is a group founded in May of 2023 to protest mutes by the 2b2t admins.


Justice Against Mutes was founded in May of 2023 by Pieguymaca (aka Bob!) after over two years of rampant muting by the 2b2t admins, and in response to Microsoft EULA changes accompanying Minecraft 1.19. Many of the initial members and affiliates were muted players, which served to bring together a variety of players who otherwise were previously hostile to each other and continued to be outside of the group. While it initially was created with the intention of building lag machines to lag the server because of the mutes, JAM drew a variety of interested parties with varying goals and ways of achieving them in the ballpark of mute reduction.

While the server itself has not make significant progress towards its goal, it instead became a public chatroom with an emphasis on free and uncensored speech within legal limits. The diversity of members there is a result of the wide range of those muted. The server serves to put in contact many people that otherwise would not have likely interacted with each other by virtue of having no chat abilities on 2b2t itself. On the same note, the wide range of people present in the movement and the lax chat rules resulted in it being a popular location to leak bases cords, such as when Dima788 used it to leak the event coordinates of the June 10th Screenshot event held by several JAM-Affiliated groups in the server. JAM has around a dozen core members, with most affiliated players not being members of the group. JAM leadership would later be transferred to KrazyKrew

During the 1.19 Update Drama, JAM became involved 2b2t Union group which installed many of their members as leaders in the movement, do to it having similar interests and goals.

In early 2024 the JAM discord would be shut down by an admin after they were frustrated with the lack of progress the group had made. This rendered JAM virtually defunct, as no new effort was made to reestablish it

Groups with designated representatives in JAM