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JoinedOctober 3, 2022
BasesKibou, Falco, Alpha Town, Alpha Town II, SBA 49,50, & 52, JopTown, Araxa, Opus I, Senectus, Femburg, SCA NYE
Alternative AccountsTsuchi_Gumo, CanalRat, Hail_UngaBunga
CurrentSouthern Canal Association, Spawn Sentries, Unga Bunga
PastThe Collective, Zealous Covenant, Waterway Union, Spawn Builders Association

joppari19 (aka joppari) is a builder and a member of the Southern Canal Association


joppari19 joined 2b2t on October 3, 2022. He escaped Spawn via the Southern Canal, which included Godroster's so-called 'cookie shack' weigh stations with food for new players.

joppari joined Southern Canal Association as a result. He worked to expand and extend the Southern Canal for the remainder of 2022, also assisting the group against the so-called Southern Canal Incursion.[1] He also began building 'jop care spots' along the Southern Canal in homage to the 'cookie shacks' which had enabled him to escape spawn in the first place. While at the SCA New Year's Eve event, joppari met Romal_furnoi.

Together they founded a base, which caused joppari to go inactive in the SCA for a few months; it was later griefed in May 2023. He also became involved with The Collective, Spawn Sentries, Zealous Covenant, Waterway Union, Spawn Builders Association, and Astral Brotherhood in early 2023, building at a wide variety of bases with them, although mostly the Collective and SBA.