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TypeClient Developer
Alternative AccountsC03PacketPlayer, Ericudo, RusherB0T, RusherHack, jewbrokeman
CurrentTeam Rusher
PastThe Purge, The Emperium

John200410 is a midfag who is the developer of the Rusherhack utility mod and RusherBot, as well as the owner of and


John200410 joined 2b2t in 2015, after watching an IGN video featuring 2b2t. He joined on an NFA a couple of times but was never active on the server. After TheCampingRusher made his video on 2b2t, John began playing quite a bit on the server, utilizing his Veteran Queue. He escaped Spawn and used Impact Client's vanilla speed module to get extremely far out, around 1 million blocks away from Spawn. There, he used the newly found Minecart Dupe and 11/11 Dupe to dupe items. Around this time, he based with dae1250, mrking, and a couple of other people at Dump's Base, which is currently on The Archive. Dae was one of John's good friends, but he left the server in 2018 and nobody has heard from him since.


RusherB0T was a chatbot developed in 2017 that originally ran on the John200410 account while he wasn't playing, but then Veteran Queue was removed and this led to him taking a break from 2b2t and Minecraft in the process. He came back in April 2018, left in September 2018 again, and returned again in February 2019. It was one of the most popular chatbots and began the trend of chatbots on the server.


After his first break from 2b2t, John came back and started watching a lot of old Nerds Inc videos. He saw that they were using Nhack, and at the time John was a huge fan so decided to ask the Nerds for nhack. This request was ignored/denied, so John paid the developer of the WWE client to make him a remake of nhack. After it was made, popbob/jared2013 got mad at him and told John to rename it, so it was renamed to Trailer Client and eventually RusherHack. RusherHack is the second most popular paid client on 2b2t as of 2021, as it hosts an array of extremely good modules such as its ElytraFly, BoatFly, BaseFinder, and AutoRegear modules.

Other projects

John was one of the leaders of The Purge in 2019, having been the leader of the Lag Machine Department. He also joined The Emperium in 2019 and based at a couple of their bases including Nova Satus. He left Emperium a bit later as the group started to go downhill and it wasn't a 2b2t group anymore. John was also apart of Point Zenith and was one of their most trusted members.