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"Dont you touch my bricks"
Joey Coconut-skin.png
Approx. JoinedJune 12, 2015 (six years ago)
BasesNoob Ranch, Melon Road, Little Altenburg, Altenburg, Salzburg, Invictus II, 2b2t Creative Mode Project, Ironfarm Base, Block Game Mecca, Rhodes, Bearington, JIDFBase, Hopen, Doofbase, Fort Aqua,Swaglicously Pog End Base, Capital Hardknot, Avalonia, Elysium III, Andromeda, Beirut, Proxima Centurai, Cum Zone, Cum Zone II, Citybase, Funbase, The Library, Halloween 2020 Party Base, Camp Spooky, The Homeland, The Autumn Drain, The Calculator, The Calculator II, Christmas 2020 Party Base, Adamantium
TypeBuilder, Shitposter, Writer
Current2b2t Wiki, Shortbus Caliphate, Blackguard, PVG, NFPR, RRN, Collector's Club, The Samaritans, Avalonia, Elysium, Donfuer, The Republic, Spawnmasons, Guardsmen, GoA, KOS Assassins, DGA, 2b2t Party Committee, 0Neb Appreciation Group, Team Rocket
PastAstral Order, JIDF, The Democratic Republic of 2b2t, 4th Reich, Builders Guild, Anarchy Links Hub, Invictus Group, Imperinova, Rogue Gnomes, [Wiki], Crimson Star, The Society, Adolf_Hitller's Private Army, Cortex Voalition, Emperium, The Highland, Infinity Incursion, H4A, Catgirls Inc, 2b2t Uncensored

Joey_Coconut is a celebrated builder and shitposter.[1] He led the 10th Incursion. He is also the Ascended Caliph of the Shortbus Caliphate, President of 2b2t, and Director of the JIDF. He has participated in many bases, most notably, Block Game Mecca. Outside of the server, he is a Bureaucrat on this wiki, having served in the administration of all major 2b2t wikis since 2018. He also helps operate (and formerly owned) the Discord Archive and was a moderator on 2b2t Uncensored. He is also currently a head admin on 2b2t Online, a moderator on r/2b2t_uncut, and is an Advisor on The Archive.

Joey_Coconut's "CocoCastle."
Joey's "dabbing skateboard man."

Early History

The Beginning

Joey_Coconut joined the server on June 12, 2015 (six years ago) , introduced to the server by his friend, ARENAWARLORD. Those who saw him online during this period thought he was an alternate account of coconut4, and so he was often harassed at Spawn. Players would spam Joey_Coconut with various death/doxx threats. They would also call him "fake coconut" as this was the time of the Fake Coconut Meme, a popular chat meme revolving around coconut4. Joey_Coconut wandered around spawn extensively, settling for a time at a place known as the Noob Ranch.[2] He eventually traveled roughly 8,000 blocks out of Spawn, stopping at a place called the Melon Highway, and read chat, occasionally shitposting. Joey_Coconut played infrequently, with long periods of inactivity between days or weeks of playing. He later founded Little Altenburg with joejoe455.

Tugboat Base

In late 2016, Joey_Coconut noticed thumbnails for TheCampingRusher's series on the "Oldest Server in Minecraft," and was drawn back into 2b2t. He became leader of a group of Rushers, and set up his first group project in Tugboat Base.[3] Joey_Coconut and his now-enlarged group of newfags known as the Rogue Gnomes established two bases. The bases were called Altenburg and Salzburg, and were extremely short-lived.

Whilst operating his Sanctuary in the ruins of Tugboat Base, Joey_Coconut met many travelers, including AutismBot, who soon invited him to live at Invictus II.

Invictus Group

Joey_Coconut's time at Invictus II was very short-lived, as the base was soon leaked to NedaT.[4][5] On his way to Invictus II, Coconut ran into the entirety of the base group on the highway, themselves on their way back from their recent raid on La Rosa. Joey_Coconut based at Invictus II from early October of 2016 to late November, when it was abandoned and griefed. He then based at Obliviscaris, but this base was also, short-lived and uneventful. Obliviscaris lasted only a few weeks in December of 2016. Coconut was then invited to C4RTM4N's base, the 2b2t Creative Mode Project, and went inactive during this time. When he returned, the base had been blown up by Parthicus.

Mecca Group

Ironfarm Base

Joey_Coconut visited Ironfarm Base as well, after it was abandoned by the members. The base was given to Joey, who did not want to travel all the way out to the new base of the Invictus group, Block Game Mecca. Instead, he elected to reside in the now-empty Ironfarm Base and attempt to create a cadet base for potential BGM members. The base was unpopular, only Placer and Drathader came to the location. In April 20, 2017 (four years ago) , Joey_Coconut was alerted that there was a newly-discovered version of the BedTP, and was subsequently teleported to Block Game Mecca. Ironfarm Base was griefed by Parthicus the following day.

Arrival in Mecca and Shitposting

The logo of the Shortbus Caliphate.

After teleporting to Block Game Mecca on 20 April, 2017, Joey_Coconut began his career as a shitposter. Joey_Coconut would often shitpost in chat, usually opting to manually type out all of the lyrics of entire Pink Floyd albums. His autism was such that he had an entire channel in BGM's Discord simply for the purpose of shitposting to himself. On November 06, 2017 (four years ago) , Joey_Coconut created the then-meme group, Shortbus Caliphate. It would later become an integral part of life at Mecca. Throughout his time at Block Game Mecca, Joey_Coconut built his Brick Biome, the CocoCastle, a sizable village, a melon shrine, and a replica tugboat from Tugboat Base. Coconut also created the so-called "epic dabbing skateboard man statue". For Christmas 2017, Joey_Coconut built a noteblock rendition of "Oh Christmas Tree" underneath the base's Christmas Tree.

The Brick Biome

An image of Joey_Coconut's "brick biome," in Block Game Mecca.

Joey_Coconut had duplicated over 6.2 Million brick blocks during the 1.12 Stacking Duplication. Upon duplicating that many bricks, Joey_Coconut realized he simply did not have a use for that many bricks. He tried to resolve this issue by building with them. When that did not work, he decided to gift them to other players. When gifting them did not drastically decrease his supply, he began burning them en masse. This also did not severely curtail the supply of bricks. He replaced all surface blocks in an area of roughly 500x500 with the bricks. Whilst this did not put a significant dent in his supply of bricks, which still numbered roughly 6,100,000, he was satisfied.

Beyond Mecca


During the 1.11.2-1.12 temp map in July 2017, Joey_Coconut met the player Drachenstien, through a small group known as Imperinova. Drachenstien invited Joey_Coconut to jared2013's base, Rhodes. The base did not survive the summer. While there, Joey_Coconut met _m_o_t_h_r_a_, who would be invited to Mecca shortly after the fall of Rhodes.

Membership in Factions

In May of 2018, Joey_Coconut became a member of the Astral Order, the revived 4th Reich, and Builders Guild. Joey_Coconut would achieve Celestium rank within the Astral Order, befriending LordGalvatronMC in the process. The 4th Reich would disband at the end of the Month of Destruction. Beardler would be eject Joey_Coconut from the Builders Guild before Coconut could make it to any of the group's bases. The reasoning behind the kick was for Coconut "being a griefer", despite him having never griefed a base up to that point. After consulting with other Mecca residents, it was found all other Mecca residents had been kicked from the group. As events would unfold over the following days, it became clear the mass kick was a preemptive measure for the robbery of Mecca's museum, and the leak of its coordinates.

The Fall of Mecca and the BoeMeccan Witch Trials

Immediately following the fall of Mecca, Joey_Coconut became heavily involved in the BoeMeccan Witch Trials against Beardler, along with YellowstoneJoe and _m_o_t_h_r_a_.[6] Joey_Coconut started the process off with 2 reddit posts. [7][8]

2builders2tools Wiki

On 27 July, 2018, Joey_Coconut became a Administrator on the 2builders2tools wiki, which was headed by jared2013. It was one of several wikis created after the deletion of the Fandom Wiki. It would be a shortlived project, as jared2013 would disappear and the wiki would slow down for a variety of reasons. Joey_Coconut was quickly invited to the 2b2t Wiki by Dark_Annihilator, where Joey_Coconut would join as an Administrator. Following disagreements with several other staff members about what constituted appropriate articles, and overall behavior, he became inactive in the wiki.

Intermittent Involvement

After the fall of Mecca, Joey_Coconut moved with the remains of the group to their new project, which has since been put on hiatus. He was invited to several bases but had become disillusioned with 2b2t, and did not join any new base groups. Joey_Coconut came back in August and September of 2018 to tour Tugboat Base, and view a recently griefed Astral base.

Democratic Republic of 2b2t

Joey_Coconut then joined the Democratic Republic of 2b2t, and orchestrated a coup against Gambino over accusations of abuse of power. The result of the coup was Joey_Coconut becoming "President of 2b2t."[9][10] The group disintegrated after Gambino gave ownership of the server to WomenAreObjects, who nuked the server and allegedly doxxed Gambino. Joey_Coconut returned several times, including once to help GamingDerp organize the Anarchy Links Hub, but he would not become consistently active in the 2b2t community again until April 2020. In the interim, Joey_Coconut moved to Constantiam for a short time.

The Return

The Germ of the Idea

Joey_Coconut started to become drawn back into the 2b2t community as a result of COVID-19. He began to play on a small anarchy server, through which he became a member of PVG. He was then approached by Noah3j about joining Avalonia in late March of 2020, although he initially rejected the offer. He also reconnected with many other members of the community at large. With his increased contacts, he was approached by DrEnderPickles for an interview, which quickly occured.[11] LordGalvatronMC invited Joey_Coconut to his group, the Samaritans. Joey_Coconut began to read the wiki again, and became distressed at what he perceived as a serious downgrade in quality.

The New 2b2t Wiki

jared2013 came to Joey_Coconut and several others with an idea: a well-made, well-run wiki. With this shared vision, Joey_Coconut planned a removal of what himself and his ideological supporters viewed as a corrupt administration. Under Joey_Coconut's leadership, the removal was successful. Joey_Coconut's participation in the wiki management was controversial, leading to Proposed_Changes_to_2b2t_Wiki_Staff_v2. The result was a resounding yes to Joey_Coconut being in the wiki administration. Following this, and in remembrance of other services to the wiki, President _Henry_ promoted Joey_Coconut to the Bureaucrat rank after a unanimous vote to do so from the other staff.

An Active Player Once More

In mid-May, 2020, Joey_Coconut started to play actively on 2b2t again, starting with the foundation of the JIDF. He then founded JIDFBase[12] as a place for the members to meet, although a spawnfarm, Bearington, was the first base of the group. JIDFBase was griefed on 5 July, 2020. Through the JIDF, Joey_Coconut met FamilyPumpkin6, who subsequently invited him to Hopen.


Main Article: Hopen

Joey_Coconut became a member of Hopen on 21 June, 2020. Upon arriving at the base, Joey_Coconut began to build. He built his mine and brick town while there, started a large underground complex, and took part in the trial of DarkXL6.[13][14][15] The base was later griefed by 0x22 on the morning of the 7th of August, 2020.


Main Article: JIDF

After becoming established at Hopen, Joey_Coconut decided to resume JIDF activities, which had been paused after JIDFBase. He started by founding DoorBase near spawn on 23 July, 2020. He invited members of NFPR to the base (as he was a Mayor in NFPR at the time), as well as the usual JIDF members. The base lasted under 24 hours. Following this, Joey_Coconut, Crawket, and LordGalvatronMC founded Fort Aqua on 25 July, 2020. The base took shape quickly before being discovered by digandbuilder, who was showing his coordinates while streaming.[16] Following the base's discovery, Joey_Coconut decided to move the JIDF's operations to the banner of the Shortbus Caliphate. The members griefed the base on the 1st of August, 2020.

Terbin's screenshot of Fort Aqua


Avalonia and Elysium

Main Articles: Avalonia, Elysium

In July of 2020, Noah3j renewed talks with Joey_Coconut about becoming a member of the Avalonia base group; Joey_Coconut was invited to the group on the 24th of that month. The invitation brought Joey_Coconut to 2 bases: Avalonia and Andromeda. Avalonia fell on 12 August, 2020, after Dectonic sold the coordinates to several Infinity Incursion reactive incursioners. Following the grief of Avalonia, Joey_Coconut, along with most other members of the group, were invited to the Elysium Group. Andromeda was later griefed by Ionar and DrBeardStash, on 26 September, 2020, following disagreements between them and others in the wider Avalonia-Elysium association.

The New Shortbus Caliphate

Joey participated in the so-called 9/11 2 event, or Ground Zero. He planned the event as a whole, and lit the first block of TNT.[1][17][18][19] He also founded Beirut, The Calculator, The Calculator II (also called the Shortbus Calculator), and helped lead efforts at Adamantium.

Ground Zero

Lead-up to the 10th Incursion


Main Article: Crimson Star Joey_Coconut was invited to base at The Cum Zone by y_a_t_a. Taking a liking to the group, Joey_Coconut became a member of Crimson, and moved with them to Cum Zone II. At Cum Zone II, Joey_Coconut would lay the foundation for the extensive Acacia District at the base that later became a staple of most other Crimson and Shortbus Caliphate Bases.

The Presidential Election

Joey_Coconut participated in the 2020 2b2t Presidential Election, achieving the second-highest vote count, behind Lennie.

The 10th Incursion

Main Article: 10th Incursion Upon hearing that Mrbeast had joined 2b2t, Joey_Coconut moved quickly to form the 10th Incursion. As a result of a general sense of panic, the server grew incredibly quickly. Following Mrbeast's exit from 2b2t, many incursion members and leaders stopped participating in the organization. Joey_Coconut formulated an entirely new plan with several members, and revitalized the operation with several new members being included in the leadership. The enchantment table operation moved on to be a success.

Entry into the Spawnmasons and Halloween Bases

Concurrently to the 10th Incursion, Joey_Coconut participated in several other events. Firstly, he participated in a Guardsmen event at Camp Spooky on 16 October, 2020. He was initiated into the Spawnmasons on 24 October, 2020 at a lodge built by _Henry_ and LordNo. Joey_Coconut also built at the 2b2t Party Committee#2020 Halloween Party Base.

Post 10th Incursion

Rebuilds and Entry into the Guardsmen

Main Articles: The Autumn Drain, Base Nostalgia Joey_Coconut participated in a rebuild of Base Nostalgia with many other Shortbus Caliphate members.[20] Joey_Coconut was invited to a weekly Spawnmason Lodge. When he arrived at the coordinates, in late November he found the location was actually a rebuild of The Drain. He returned in mid-December to build a large pair of feet in the water. Joey_Coconut was initiated into the Guardsmen on 3 December, 2020, at The Homeland.

The Calculators Joey_Coconut led construction of the two Calculators in November and December of 2020. Following the grief of the first Calculator by 0yiqitozturk and p_f, as well as the grief of the Drain, a second calculator (known interchangeably as Calculator II and the Shortbus Calculator). Many individuals were invited, and a spawnmason lodge was held there. The location was later destroyed by Armorsmith and Witblue.

Christmas 2020 and 10th Anniversary

Joey_Coconut participated in a grief of Jakethasnake52's 2020 Christmas base. He built a ruined hitler statue (in homage to the one built at BGM) at the 2b2t Party Committee#2020 Christmas Party Base.[21] He also attended a separate 10th anniversary celebration hosted by members of the 2b2t Chronicles.


Main Article: Adamantium Joey_Coconut co-lead the construction of Adamantium with Orsond. It was a large base near spawn that was built as a cooperative effort between the now-rebranded Caliphate and the Guardsmen.

2b2t_Uncensored Nukes and 2b2t Uncut

Main Article: 2b2t uncensored Following the deletion of an article about Zltb (the owner of the 2b2t_uncensored subreddit), Joey_Coconut's staff position was revoked. After generating considerable public outcry against Zltb, Joey_Coconut co-founded 2b2t_uncut subreddit with Orsond. He also nuked the uncensored subreddit in early January 2020, and participated in several other nukes and attempted nukes throughout the month.


Joey_Coconut helped to organize Anarchy Links Hub when it was first starting. Joey_Coconut is a Bureaucrat on this wiki. He is also an editor, reporter, and 'voice actor' for RRN. On 10, September, the 2b2t Media Archive was vandalized beyond repair by The_Grand_Lotus. Joey_Coconut immediately went about creating a successor, the Discord Archive, which he led until 18 January, 2020, when he handed the organization over to Chipoff in thanks of his contributions to the project. Joey_Coconut became a moderator of 2b2t Uncensored on the 29th of September, 2020 (and held that post until 11 January, 2020). Joey_Coconut is also an advisor for The Archive. HermeticLock made Joey a head moderator of 2b2t Online in December of 2020 in the process of a site redesign. Joey_Coconut is one of the founders (and an admin) for r/2b2t_uncut.

Additional Information

For anyone that wishes to reach Joey_Coconut on discord, he can be contacted at Joey_Coconut#7406.