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"!play pyramid song slowed 800%"
JoinedJune 12, 2015 (nine years ago)
Bases80+ Including: Five Isles, Sky Masons, Whitehaven, Block Game Jerusalem, Block Game Mecca, Hopen, Rat House, Rhodes, Nautilus, Poppy Town, Helheim 2, New Lugdunum, Obsidian Isle, Lidenbrock, Solaris, Corner Base, Spawn Migration, The Autumn Drain, Adamantium, Halicarnassus, DonFuer 20, Avalysium, Mediano, Chunk Haven, Hokkaido, Invictus II, 2b2t Creative Mode Project, Ironfarm Base, Avalonia, Elysium III, Andromeda, Proxima Centurai, Cum Zone, Cum Zone II, The Library, Six Party Committee Bases, 5 unlisted Guardsmen bases, Prejune Retirement Home, Limbosity, Four JIDF bases, Five Shortbus Caliphate bases, 3 unlisted bases with the Rogue Gnomes, Swaglicously Pog End Base, Capital Hardknot, Over a dozen unlisted Astral Brotherhood bases
GriefsJakethesnake52 Christmas Base 2020 II, Block Game Jerusalem, Halicarnassus, Gaza, Erebus, and Enchante, The Spike, Five Isles, Red Castle
TypeBuilder, Group Leader
Alternative Accounts2b2tWiki, Jose_Colada
CurrentAstral Brotherhood, Spawnmasons, Last Templar, Althernos
PastAstral Order, Block Gamers, Shortbus Caliphate, JIDF, The Democratic Republic of 2b2t, Rogue Gnomes, Invictus, Imperinova, Crimson Star, Emperium, H4A, NFPR, Donfuer, Avalonia, Elysium, KOS Assassins, Guardsmen, 0Neb Appreciation Group, Collector's Club, Drain Gang, Builders Haven:Second Take

Joey_Coconut is a builder, prejune player, and one of three leaders of the Astral Brotherhood. He led the construction of Block Game Jerusalem, and has contributed to many other bases, such as Five Isles, Block Game Mecca, and Whitehaven. He also organized and led the Tenth Incursion and is a member of the SpawnMasons.


Early History

Joey_Coconut joined 2b2t on June 12, 2015, after he was introduced to the server by ARENAWARLORD. Joey_Coconut played as a lurker with common periods of inactivity, traveling to the Noob Ranch and Melon Road and later building several small bases in spawn. In late 2016, Joey_Coconut was drawn back into 2b2t as a result of TheCampingRusher’s popularization of the server. He became leader of a group of new players, and set up his first group project - a continuation of Tugboat Base. Joey_Coconut and his now-enlarged group of known as the Rogue Gnomes established two new bases. The bases were called Altenburg and Salzburg, and were extremely short-lived.

While operating his sanctuary at the location of Tugboat Base, Joey_Coconut met many players coming and going from spawn, including Slappnbadkids, who soon invited him to base at Invictus II. After the rest of the Rogue Gnomes went Inactive, Joey shifted his focus to Invictus. On his way to the group's main base, Invictus II, Joey ran into the entirety of the base group on the highway, themselves on their way back from their recent raid on La Rosa. Joey_Coconut based at Invictus II from early October 2016 to late November, when it was griefed by NedaT. Joey followed the rest of group a the shortlived bases Obliviscaris, and 2b2t Creative Mode Project.

Block Game Mecca

Joey became a member of Block Game Mecca upon its foundation. Initially not wanting to travel to BGM, Joey moved to Ironfarm Base. On 20 April, 2017, Joey_Coconut left the base and was BedTP'd to Block Game Mecca following a tip-off that IronFarm Base had been Coordinate exploited by ChromeCrusher. Ironfarm Base was griefed by Parthicus the following day.

Joey_Coconut arrived at Mecca on 20 April, 2017. Throughout his time at Block Game Mecca, Joey built his Brick Biome, CocoCastle, a village, and a replica tugboat from Tugboat Base. On 6 November, 2017, Joey_Coconut created the Shortbus Caliphate along with Slappnbadkids and _m_o_t_h_r_a_ at the base. For Christmas 2017, Joey_Coconut built a noteblock Music machine rendition of "Oh Christmas Tree" underneath the base's Christmas Tree. It was also one of the earliest music machines built on the server. After duping over 6 million bricks during the 1.12 Stacking Duplication, Joey built his brick biome at BGM. He also helped to dig for the base’s Industrial District, which housed a guardian farm, and many other autofarms, including carpet dupers whose contents were later stolen for Mapopoly.

Immediately following the fall of Mecca, Joey_Coconut started and became heavily involved in the BoeMeccan Witch Trials against Beardler, along with YellowstoneJoe and _m_o_t_h_r_a_.[1][2] Joey quit 2b2t for a short period of time before returning to Block Game Jerusalem to begin building his area.

Rhodes, Astral, and Incursions

During the 1.11.2-1.12 temp map in July 2017, Joey_Coconut met Drachenstien, through the group Imperinova. Drachenstien invited Joey_Coconut to jared2013's base, Rhodes. The base did not survive the summer. While there, Joey_Coconut met _m_o_t_h_r_a_, who was invited to Mecca shortly after the fall of Rhodes. In May 2018, Joey_Coconut became a member of the Astral Order, achieving the Celestium rank within the Astral Order and befriending LordGalvatronMC in the process. Joey also participated in the Sixth Incursion and Seventh Incursion.

Democratic Republic of 2b2t

In September 2018, Joey_Coconut joined the Democratic Republic of 2b2t, and took over the group, which was initially set up in such a way that allowed anyone joining its Discord server to vote on its activities, although in actuality, it served as little more than another server to advertise theGambino's (the founder) shop. The result of the takeover was Joey_Coconut becoming "President of 2b2t" and leader of the group, although it had no actual presence on 2b2t itself. The group disintegrated after Gambino gave ownership of the server to WomenAreObjects, who nuked the server and allegedly doxxed Gambino.

Joey grew bored with 2b2t and stopped actively playing on the server itself from the foundation of Block Game Jerusalem to May 2020. In the interim, he moved to Constantiam for a short time.


In mid-May, 2020, Joey_Coconut started to play actively on 2b2t, with the foundation of the JIDF being his first action. He founded a number of spawnbases for the group, through which he met FamilyPumpkin6, who subsequently invited him to Hopen. Joey_Coconut became a member of Hopen on June 21, 2020. Upon arriving at the base, Joey_Coconut began to build. He built his mine and brick town while there, started a large underground complex, and took part in the trial of DarkXL6. The base was later griefed by 0x22 on the morning of the 7th of August, 2020, leaving Joey's town mostly incomplete. He subsequently brought the majority of the members to Block Game Jerusalem.[3]

Participation in New Groups

JIDF and Shortbus Caliphate

After becoming established at Hopen, Joey_Coconut decided to resume JIDF activities, which had been paused after he was invited to Hopen. He started a short-lived spawnbase for the group that he invited the NFPR to, which was griefed a day after being started. Following this, Joey_Coconut, Crawket, and LordGalvatronMC founded Fort Aqua on 25 July, 2020. The base took shape quickly before being discovered by digandbuilder, who was showing his coordinates while streaming. Following the base's discovery, Joey_Coconut decided to move the JIDF's operations to the Shortbus Caliphate, and merged the groups. The members griefed the base on the 1st of August, 2020. Joey participated in all subsequent bases in the Shortbus Caliphate.

0Neb Appreciation Group

Following months of 0Neb shitposting about the account xz_9 and the so-called Nerd's Inc mind calculator, Joey involved himself and started the 0Neb Appreciation Group. The group's public activities were run largely through the Shortbus Caliphate, with whom the group built The Calculator, and The Calculator II (also called the Shortbus Calculator) and Funbase. Members were recruited from a wide variety of groups, although they were mostly from the SpawnMasons, Guardsmen, Block Gamers, Nerds Inc, and the Shortbus Caliphate. The group focused on 'trolling' 0Neb, although it devolved into a continuous RP about former US President Lyndon B Johnson. After Nocom was revealed, it was realized the group was one of the many smokescreens for the exploit, without the knowledge of most of the members (including Joey).

Avalonia and Elysium

In July 2020, Noah3j invited Joey_Coconut to the group Avalonia. The invitation brought Joey_Coconut to two bases: Avalonia and Andromeda. They both fell in the following months, with Avalonia falling to Nocom, and Andromeda falling to internal drama after the Avalonia group merged with the Elysium group. Joey later built at the groups' joint base, Avalysium, in early 2021.

Crimson Star

Joey_Coconut was invited to base at The Cum Zone by y_a_t_a. Taking a liking to the group, Joey_Coconut became a member of Crimson, and moved with them to Cum Zone II, where Joey_Coconut laid the foundation for the so-called 'Acacia District' there that later became a staple of most other Crimson and Shortbus Caliphate Bases. The original Acacia District was heavily inspired by Vertrix's town at Block Game Jerusalem. Following the disbandment of Crimson, most of the members joined the Shortbus Caliphate. Joey_Coconut and most of the former Crimson members (then in a group called Stashcrew) founded Halicarnassus together shortly afterward. The base went inactive, however, when most of its inhabitants moved to Adamantium and eventually became members of Guardsmen.


Joey_Coconut became a guest in the Guardsmen Discord server in late 2020, and was inactive there until December, excepting visiting a Halloween base of the group. He co-led the construction of Adamantium with Orsond from December 2020 to January 2021 as an appeasement strategy after drama with Orsond that culminated in him secretly going to Block Game Jerusalem after having been leaked the coordinates by jared2013. Adamantium became a large base near spawn that was built as a cooperative effort between the Shortbus Caliphate and the Guardsmen. Joey spent over 100 hours building at the base in its less than 2 week lifespan, and was promoted into the leadership of the Guardsmen following the grief of Adamantium. He held that position until October 2021. He has participated in nearly all subsequent Guardsmen bases, such as Mediano, until his final base with the group, The Crypt. Following drama with Orsond that originally stemmed from the Imperator’s Base 2 grief, Joey exited the group with most of the Shortbus Caliphate and Guardsmen dual members.


Joey_Coconut became a guest in the Spawnmasons Discord in July 2020, and then a member in October 2020. He built briefly at Chunk Haven and regularly attended meetings before taking a more active role in the group at Sky Masons. While there, he built his large nether island, lamp island, Agaricalysium, and helped in various other projects throughout the base, such as co-designing the bridges from the center island, and helping to design and build center island.[4] He also spearheaded a project that saw nearly all base members have statues built of them, but as stylized ghasts. Following the base’s grief, Joey started the Spawn Migration, which doubly served as a Spawnmason base (which saw the start of their so-called Fifth Degree), and a community spawnbase which resulted in many otherwise unrelated builders being brought together similarly to Rat House. While there, he built his Walking_Library, Double King, and Yurtwagon.[5] Through the Spawnmasons, Joey also built at Corner Base.

10th Incursion

Upon hearing that Mrbeast had joined 2b2t, Joey_Coconut moved quickly to form the Tenth Incursion. As a result of a general sense of panic, the server grew incredibly quickly. Following Mrbeast's exit from 2b2t shortly thereafter, Joey_Coconut formulated an entirely new plan with several members, and revitalized the incursion with several new members being included in the leadership. The new plan was to place enchanting tables in mass at nether spawn to anger the spawn pvpers, which they did for several weeks, lagging the server, and causing server staff to intervene.


In January 2021, Krobar01 invited Joey to Whitehaven after seeing his builds at Adamantium, which were similarly to those at Whitehaven. Being the only member besides Krobar01 to be consistently active there, Joey became a co-leader of the base and concentrated on recruiting new members to the group. Through him, Banana_on_2b2t, _gigo, DocSmurf, and Lunch_Katsu were invited to the base. Joey focused on his castle for the majority of the base's existence, although he also built a small town, and a bridge infamous among the base members. The base was leaked by jared2013 on June 16th 2021, along with Block Game Jerusalem, after months of heated conflict with Joey, as well as a more recent conflict with Orsond.

Block Game Jerusalem

Following the griefs of Hopen and Fort Aqua, Joey consulted with the remaining Block Game Jerusalem members, and invited many of the builders from the aforementioned bases to Jerusalem, which he revived. The base exploded in size, and following a leak to jared2013, the number of nonmembers who knew also increased. Joey continued to lead Block Game Jerusalem, and formulated a more concrete identity of the Block Gamers as a basegroup throughout the base's lifespan. He constructed a wide variety of projects there, such as his feverdream village, Desert Tudor village (which itself was to experiment with builds to put at Whitehaven), and Brick Biome 2.

Despite the numerous leaks, Joey kept the base going with sizable help from a variety of others shielding the base, mostly members of Nerds Inc and Team Pepsi. After BGJ was leaked to a number of people who were going to grief the base on the morning of June 16th 2021, Joey leaked the coordinates publicly, and invited the Spawnmasons to grief the base.

Rat House

Following the twin griefs of Whitehaven and Block Game Jerusalem, Rathause and Joey_Coconut began running a project at Rathause's year-old spawnbase, the Rat House. Under their direction, and with assistance from Todarac and villicool112, the base grew to be the largest base ever on 2b2t in terms of member count (104), and the largest spawnbase ever on the server - at a distance of 30k from (0,0).

Astral Brotherhood

Following the disbandment of most large groups on the server, Joey_Coconut and LordGalvatronMC co-founded the Astral Brotherhood on August 22, 2021. They invited a wide variety of members to the group upon its foundation. As a result of continued conflicts between Orsond and Joey_Coconut, in addition to BSB griefs, and Log4j, the first few months of the group’s existence were filled with griefs, revenge griefs, and insiders. Despite this, Nautilus and Poppy Town were built. Following the losses of those two bases, Joey spearheaded a concerted recruitment effort in April 2021 that culminated in the construction of Obsidian Isle, New Lugdunum, and Helheim 2, among many other bases in that period. At Obsidian Isle, Joey built the Pride Fort.[6][7] Joey_Coconut single-handedly designed most of Lidenbrock in the week after New Lugdunum’s grief, although Lidenbrock was also griefed in turn a month later after Steampunkjax leaked the base. Joey built at nearly all other Astral bases throughout 2022.

Five Isles

Following the grief of Whitehaven, Krobar01 invited Joey_Coconut to Five Isles. Joey built there from September 2021 to December 2022, and built a wide variety of organic builds, although most were large mushrooms.[8] He also built a tree, an underwater skull, and alien spaceships dueling some of Krobar’s airships. After the base was compromised, Joey and Krobar self-griefed the base on December 16, 2022.

Involvement in the External Community

On 27 July, 2018, Joey_Coconut became an Administrator on the 2builders2tools wiki, which was headed by jared2013. Joey_Coconut was brought onto the 2b2t wiki by Dark_Annihilator as an administrator after jared2013 exited the community for a period. Joey went inactive on the wiki as he was not playing 2b2t either. In April 2020, Joey_Coconut returned and planned with _Henry_, jared2013, and several others to remove the then-current administration and overhaul the wiki. After the community weighed in Proposed Changes to 2b2t Wiki Staff, the overhaul process began, and is still in progress. Joey_Coconut was later promoted to Bureaucrat on the wiki and currently holds that rank.

Following the deletion of a wiki article about Zltb (the owner of the 2b2t_uncensored subreddit) in December 2020, Joey_Coconut's staff position on r/2b22t uncensored was revoked. Joey_Coconut co-founded 2b2t_uncut subreddit with Orsond and nuked the uncensored subreddit three times in early January 2020 along with Orsond, jared2013, Chexhead, and Soiledcold. Joey_Coconut was later removed from the r/2b2t_uncut staff team after him and Orsond fell out with each other. The uncut subreddit was eventually given to Zltb.

Joey_Coconut also founded the Discord Archive in 2020 after the Media Archive was nuked by The_Grand_Lotus, and co-created the 2b2t Postjune Community with jared2013 and Sage_Matthias.