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"I love Raaanch" ~Jersker (probably)
JoinedDecember 31, 2020
BasesVarious SBA bases, Larptown, Poppy Town, Helheim 2, Lagrange Point, The Moon, Durkaa's Farm
PastSpawn Builders Association, Guardians of Andromeda, Astral Brotherhood

Jersker is a base hunter and explorer who joined in late 2020.


Jersker joined 2b2t on December 31, 2020. He began base hunting and exploring soon thereafter, and continued to do so on and off in perpetuity. He became involved with a number of various building groups throughout 2021 and 2022, such as Spawn Builders Association, Guardians of Andromeda, and Astral Brotherhood, but tended to nonetheless focus on basehunting. He ceased to be involved with groups in mid 2022, opting to focus entirely on exploring the server while listening to Raaanch's livestreams.