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Jeffrey 214
JoinedDecember 2017
BasesAquarius I, Chroma Base, Sierra I, Sierra II, 8k8k, Spawn Base Alpha (SBA), 2k2k, Checkpoint Charlie v1 (CC-1), Checkpoint Charlie v2 (CC-2)
TypeCollector, Builder, Shopkeeper
Alternative AccountsCrystalAttack
CurrentJ&S (Jeff and Solo Inc.)
PastVortex Coalition (Elite), New Facepunch Republic(NFPR)(Vice President)

Jeffrey_214, or just "Jeff" is player that has been on 2b2t since 2017. Although not all that well known, some of his contributions have led to him meeting many different people throughout the years.

December 2017 - June 2018

Jeffrey joined 2b2t in December of 2017 after it was recommended to him by Jimbot6000. He spent his first few months on the server with Jimbot as well as another IRL friend, where the three started their first base, which they called Aquarius 1, some 100k blocks away from spawn. The base consisted of a few farms as well as a large storage area, with all of them meant to help facilitate the building of a larger base in an underwater dome that was planned nearby.

The three created a group that was called the Aquarius Builders, but this was short-lived, with the two other players leaving 2b2t March of 2018. Jeffrey continued to play on his own, still using a vanilla client until May of 2018 when he took a break. By this time he only had one set of complete armor that he had enchanted by hand using XP from AFK Fishing, also during this time, he started work on the dome, with a small diorite outline where it was planned to be.

November 2018 - March 2019

Jeffrey_214 rejoining the server in late 2018, using with his first hacked client, Wurst. He continued work on Aquarius finishing draining the dome by hand as well as working on larger underground farms as well as a local zombie spawner. He also walked back to spawn twice (First Trip: November 2018; Second Trip February 2019) during these months getting his first four shulker boxes during these trips when he had walked out to the ruins of The Boedecken and had collected them from the remains of the shulker ceiling. He would also get his first major supply of quartz and concrete by dismantling the ruins of the Boedecken. He would also visit the ruins of Wintermelon and The Drain during his first and begging of his second spawn journey, the second journey came to a rather swift end when he got killed by ShekelCollector with a single end crystal. He lost his only diamond set and decided to take a break.[Source?]

April 2019 - July 2019

He came back again in early March of 2019 with the intention of finding a group. Although he is uncertain how he found the Vortex Coalition he eventually decided to apply and was accepted as an initiate. He purchased his first kit from Elaphant and John a duo selling kits in the Vortex Coalition for his daily VoCoin payouts. He would also receive his first unbreakable pickaxe during this time. He worked on his base for the next month as well as did odd jobs for VoCo and earned enough VoCoin to purchase some basic essentials from Golden. He would then apply to join a base and was assigned to Chroma Base led by Keko. He would also have two basemates Captain_S0L0 and Django179 and they would start the construction of the base, which was approximately 250k down the x- highway in a snowy biome. Captain_S0L0 and Jeffrey met during their trip to the base unexpectedly meeting in the nether while they both tried to excavate the -20k x- highway, at this time it was completely undeveloped. They would arrive at the base together and with their pooled resources construct some of the first buildings as well as a beacon. Django arrived a week later and made his only base contribution that being his house as well as some kits. He would leave 2b a few weeks later. During this time the first donkey dupe would come around and the duo of Captain and Jeff would dupe the kits they had, as well as pig spawners Django had left behind, and what they didn't have they would trade for. By the end of the month, they had a sizeable stash with many unique kits including a fairly rare stacked armor kit. This would be the first time they would consider setting up a shop and with a formal invitation from Elaphant, they joined him in the Elaphant's Emporium VCN shop setting up Jeffrey_214's Jumbo Sale. They continued to dupe and trade in the upcoming months and when ultimately Elaphant decided to create a USD branch they were the first to join, rebranding to Jeff and Solo's Mega Sale. They would continue to build up Chroma with a giant fishing farm, a storage house, a massive quartz storage area, a railroad system, a modern house, as well as a donkey breeding area. Probably the most lasting impact on the region was by Captain_S0L0 who constructed the first 2x3 tunnel on -20k from the main highway to the axis. This base would be found by iTristan using what is now thought to have been an early version of the Nocom exploit. Other notable visitors at the base would be Fr1kin who would dupe some kits during his visit and JewishBanker who would also take some kits and leave a few unique ones to dupe. At the end of the lifespan of the base Jeffrey_214 invited Sz8 in the hope to help increase activity, the base was found a week after his joining and most kits were moved to the base now known as Sierra I, the base was ultimately griefed in July of 2019 by the Emperium after the fall of the VoPerium alliance.

August 2019 - June 2021

Sierra I

This was probably the most successful period of Jeffrey_214's time on the server. After the fall of Chroma J&S Mega Sale rebranded to J&S Inc. as it developed from just a shop to a larger focus. Sierra I was set up some 50k blocks away from the ruins of Chroma and became the new base of operations for J&S for a few months, during this time with the help of a donkey dupe J&S regrew their stash to approximately 150 dubs which included a very generous collection of illegals and stacked items. A few medical structures were built at the base as well as a module of a lag machine developed by Captain_S0L0. A full-sized lag machine was built in Chroma crater, it was rarely used, but it could come in handy when the queue was longer than usual. During this time J&S also became part of Afroscroll's 2b2t Mall run by Afroscrolls, Zapara and Radiant. They also started worrying about the stashes proximity to the 20k highway which was quickly being developed as well as spawn so plans to start moving out were initiated. In November of 2019 whole Captain_S0L0 was flying around the area he came across a base called the Utopia Project approximately 300 blocks away from the stash, this caused Jeffrey_214 to spend the next day traveling out as far as possible and establishing a new base. The resultant location dubbed Sierra II was 500k blocks away further down the X- highway and was officially established in late November 2019, most kits were moved by early December 2019 and the old base was sold off and then later griefed in late December 2019.

Sierra II

Sierra II was the most successful J&S Base to date, it would last from November of 2019 to June of 2021, it was built within a million blocks so this lifespan was impressive. This base would grow to a peak of 1.5k dubs including one of the most comprehensive collections of illegal and stacked items on the server. This is also where most of the collecting was done at. It consisted of the main stash which was housed in a giant quartz shell and a series of roads to different areas of the base including the South Peal Complex which had three pearl load lanes labeled Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie, and the North Road that led to the North Pearl Complex which was intended to house lanes Delta, Echo and Foxtrot, but only Delta was finished. on the West road, you would first come to a giant endstone Jesus statue taken from Imps Base as well as a modern house constructed by Jeffrey_214 similar to his Chroma build. Further West was the Boedecken build consisting of a giant staircase and central room that was partially finished. In the Northwest, you could find the Medieval Village build in the location the Sierra Lag Machine had been built before. Further expansions under the stash included the subbasement level with unstackers, further storage, and offices, as well as at bedrock a giant sugarcane farm and Captain_S0L0's basement. Most of the kits at this base were duped with the WWE Donkey dupe, but also some using the Ice Road and Pyro Donkey Dupes. In November of 2020, Ketchdam joined the base and helped with some building the only other player than the duo to be at the base. He contributed to the Medieval village as well as some deliveries. Around June of 2020 Afroscrolls closed his 2b2t Mall and J&S Created its own shop discord. The Base was ultimately griefed in June 2021 after it was found using the NoCom exploit.

Vortex Coalition

Jeffrey was a major member of the Vortex Coalition during much of this era, he started off at the rank of Member+ and climbed all the way to Exalted when he was ultimately banned. He contributed a lot of time to VoCo including sign, banner, and vortex placement around spawn, and was given the Creditor, Base Director, Verified Vendor, and Recruiter staff roles. During his time in VoCo, he attempted to start two unsuccessful initiate level bases but spent most of his time selling kits to VoCo. These sales declined in January 2021 with the hyperinflation of the VoCoin currency and were terminated a month later with the introduction of the VoCo EXP system. The VoCo EXP system made shops useless to have and were a bid by Coltsnid to make more money off of VoCoin purchases. With the termination of the J&S VoCoin branch relations between Jeffrey_214 and Coltsnid quickly deteriorated. Jeffrey was not satisfied with the way VoCo was run and his constructive criticism was shot down by Colt constantly. Jeffrey took major time off of VoCo due to this, and when he ultimately came back Coltsnid removed all of his staff roles. Jeffrey ended up telling Coltsnid that what he was doing was going to run VoCo into the ground, and ultimately got into a giant argument with him in the VoCo bases discord. His statements came to fruition not a month and a half later when most all of the active VoCo playerbase left the group. Jeffrey's argument with Colt is considered the first Domino that led to the collapse of VoCo, opening the eyes of many of the higher ups in the group.

New Facepunch Republic

Jeffrey joined the New Facepunch Republic at the end of 2019 and he was given the rank of Leader as he was one of the founding members, he contributed to the group until mid-2020 when he left. He worked on quite a few projects including CC-1 and the 2k2k Rebuild as a Leader and 8k8k and SBA as Vice President.

Checkpoint Charlie V1 (CC-1)

A Base that was begun by Jeffrey_214, members included Jeffrey_214 Thomas_1234567. ChamgeClimate, Dave_Mave, and 8Ball. The base was founded in December 2019 and was griefed in February of 2020. Notable visitors included chezhead for an NFPR meeting in mid-December and IronException in later December to get a world download of the base. The Base was built on a giant Savanna M landmass, notable builds included the NFPR meeting room, the bridge and quartz coliseum, Jeffrey_214's Office, and the waterfall. The Base was primarily constructed by Jeffrey_214 and Thomas_1234567. The Base was griefed when an early member of the group that had never arrived at the base leaked coords and griefed the base. Most of the building materials were supplied through J&S or on-site duping.

2k2k Rebuild Project

The 2k2k rebuild project was an undertaking by the NFPR to rebuild parts of 2k2k in the original style used back in 2012. The base rebuild took approximately 2 months with multiple griefs during this time. This undertaking started in November 2019 and ended in January of 2020. Gabethebabe and Jeffrey_214 were the main contributors. The primary components of the base were the outdoor promenade with farms and houses, the underground Citadel with a sugarcane farm as well as other rooms, and watchtowers flanked the exterior of the lava cast. Ultimately most of the base got buried under a lava cast in an attempt to discourage griefers. The rebuild was deemed a major success and was abandoned for other projects after January 2020.

8k8k Spawn Project

A project during April 2020 in a bid to increase activity after Jeffrey_214 took over the position of Vice President after Omega, there was major turnout to the project, primary builders included Fredmodulars, Jeffrey_214, Gabethebabe,RussianRoomba, and Vespeli. The project was at -8k,-8k, and its major builds included an alpha-style Minecraft castle, a series of farms, "8k8k" and "Facepunch" symbols, an Aquaduct system, and an obsidian recreation of the Bedrock comet. The project lasted for approximately 2 weeks. The base suffered minor griefs but withstood very well. With a lot of the playerbase rejuvenated the project was abandoned for SBA.

Spawn Base Alpha (SBA)

Spawn Base Alpha was a major NFPR event base that was intended for a giant meeting in between all of the active playerbase in a bid to discuss the upcoming projects of the group. Each major NFPR base had its own separate embassy and there were two major meeting halls, the smaller one constructed by Jeffrey_214 and the Larger Domed one called the "Great Hall". The smaller one was supposed to be discontinued pending the completion of the larger one. Other major builds included the wizard tower by Rockezzergon, Castle Hateheard Embassy by Fredmodulars, and other builds. The Base was ultimately griefed by a group of players who spent the next few months trying to grief NFPR Bases. The base was considered a huge success with the meeting attracting some 15 players who were all active at the same time. This meeting is still the largest single event that the group has organized.

Jeffrey's departure from the republic was very controversial, as he had helped grow the group in a major way after its stagnation at the end of December, February, and March. His appointment to Vice President greatly improved the infrastructure of the group and he helped implement new applications, a website, bases, rules, ranks, and other systems. Fredmodulars joined the group and at first, was seen as a very promising candidate progressing through the ranks with his fanatical support of the group. He started off being good friends with Jeffrey_214 helping him with much of the group's infrastructure, but after he got his footing in the group and supporters he decided to start a revolt in the group trying to get Jeffrey removed as VP and himself, or someone more receptive to his cause, instated.

One of his measures to try and get Jeffrey off the server was to Doxx him and he spread much of his personal information across many different servers. In an attempt to stop him Jeffrey threatened to Doxx him with a fake clickable link, Fred leveraged the situation to get Jeffrey demoted, and as a result VillagerFilms became Vice President within the group. VillagerFilms had been fairly inactive in the months prior to the before-stated events, and was not very well versed with the Fredmodular's situation. Fred would get banned from the group for his antics not a month later as he continued to use questionable methods to gain power in the group. Jeffrey decided to leave the discord after his demotion but kept in touch with some of the members, at this time he also separated CC-2 from NFPR and it fell under J&S. His leaving of the group was not under the best of circumstances, there was an overall peaceful transition of power, although not very smooth as he took much of the new infrastructure that he had created with him. After these events, the group's activity significantly dropped with the drama burning out many members of the group.

Ultimately this was the era that Jeffrey had the most direct interactions within the community, he went through multiple different bases, groups, and made many friends, and some enemies. The ultimate end of time frame was the griefing of Sierra 2, it was his original intention to the leave the server after the grief, mainly due to the fact that "all his eggs were in one basket". That being said, after the grief, although things changed, he played on.

July 2021

With the fall of Sierra II Jeffrey_214 was kitless and without a base. This was probably the largest single hit to him in the duration of his time on 2b2t. That being said thanks to some great friends including Oliversnowyowl and LegendBake he was able to get back on his feet. He reactivated the dormant CC-2 after a year and a half of inactivity and started traveling around spawn base hunting. He is hoping to reopen his shop soon as well as set up a new long-term base.