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Jay monroe.png
Approx. join date 2017
Status Inactive
Known Alts None
Reddit Username(s) None or unknown
Current Unaffiliated
Past None

jay_monroe, 'Chancellor/Lord Jay' or 'Jay' as he is more commonly referred to, is the current leader of the Astral Order. He joined in 2017 in the fallout of the Rusher War. In his first days, he found and based with'FREEfieldWARRIOR'. He then founded a small group, which later merged with 'superviperman'. He would then go on to create three bases between three smaller groups. These groups would later merge into the 'The Church of Eden'. The Church of Eden would then grow in size, collecting notable member(s) such as LordGalvatronMC. The Church of Eden leader would hold major faults, and major rifts would form within the group. Jay and LordGalvatronMC would soon work together for reform within the group, swiftly gaining the support from the group's members. However, the Church of Eden's leader wouldn't change, and after an argument, Jay would famously declare "I am the Senate", leaving the Group and Its Discord. LordGalvatronMC would then create the Astral Order's first discord, with Jay and LordGalvatronMC founding the 'Astral Order' that night.

In the Order's beginnings, there would be major power vacuums opened due to the heavy influx of members from the Church of Eden. Jay, LordGalvatronMC, and FREEfieldWARRIOR, as well as many other former leaders in the group, would vie for power, competing heavily. Jay would subsequently create the name 'Astral Order' for the group as well as the Group's Insignia and Banner (with help). After some discussion, the Obsidian Sigil would also be created. The Group, as the Church of Eden before it, would experience a mass gain of membership. The group base 'Malachor' would also be founded around this time. The Council, still experiencing heavy instability, would eventually spawn a leadership crisis in February of 2018. One of the council members, in a fit of rage, would leak the Coords of Malachor Publically. Malachor would be subsequently griefed, with many of Astral's own members participating. Several smaller Astral bases would also be griefed. The group would enter a brief decline, however with small Council Purges Jay (and the council) would pull the group out of it's a recession, with 'The Monastery' being founded in triumph, the base would go on to survive many grief attempts due to valiant defense by GhostMC and other Astral Members. The group would then enter into a more modern era, with the members: 'Stadhouder', 'iMems', 'Uninia', and 'sjeord' joining. Around this time, members within the group would be scattered across 2b2t without any major central base. Due to this Stadhouder, as well as some other members, would found the base of 'Lugdunum' close to spawn. Jay, with support from much of the Council, would declare himself the 'Astral Lord' an act to consolidate power and bring more activity to the group. Jay would then order all Astral members to Lugdunum, with reportedly practically all Astral members moving to the base.

However, Jay's power would turn to be vague and generally undefined. And due to rumors from around the group, Jay would lose popularity, causing Jay to Step down. This would begin the 'Interregnum Period' for around a week, with people turning fully around in full support for Jay. Jay would then and once again, declare himself Astral Lord, however acting more as a figurehead/mouthpiece of the Astral Order, rather than a supreme leader. Many would refer to him as the 'Queen of England' during this time. However, some members within the Council would become bitter due to such, at the head of which being iMems. Tension would gather heavily between iMems, Jay and LordGalvatronMC. Returning to Lugdunum, Stadhouder would do very well in his rank, gathering many more members to the Order, with the base being declared a success soon after. Smaller bases would also be created around this time under the leadership of 'Digandbuilder'(DigMC), and Witblue, both Small Youtubers. This would then mark a slow decline of membership within the Astral Order. Jay didn't want to continue inviting many to Lugunum, so smaller recruit bases would be founded. However, these bases (Nazereth, Namoda, Exetium, and many others) would all fail due to poor leadership or dumb recruits and would continue to lower morale. This would all be occurring Mid-Summer, which would be generally marked with further decay of membership. Political factions, voting blocks would have formed at this time, between Jay/LordGalvatronMC and iMems/Stadhouder which would stand in opposition; with smaller factions pushing for neutrality within the council forming as well, furthering the infighting. Jay and LordGalvatronMC would feel at this time as they would be loosing control, due to mass recruitment of Europeans into the group (Jay and LordGalvatronMC are American). (More will be written further on)