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James Rustles
James Rustles Skin.png
Alternative AccountsVWEmissions, NigerianSpearman, CatWhisperer420, MurdockMatt, RealStruggle[1]
CurrentHorizon (Constantiam)
PastLa Rosa, Gape 1 and 2, Aureus City, Fenrir, Asgard I and II, many more bases

James_Rustles is a 2b2t oldfag and blogger currently serving as a Constantiam admin and owner.


In 2013, James Rustles started a blog about 2b2t, which since August of 2015 is hosted on his own website. It later grew to hold a lot of information about 2b2t's history, using both primary and secondary sources. The blog also had "guest posts" written by other players (like Sato86) to talk about history or current events on the server.

James began posting on his YouTube channel in late 2014, where he mostly posted clips of 2b2t and shitposts. As of May 2021, it has 2.82k subscribers, and is now also host to podcasts and historical videos, including documentaries on some of 2b2t's most famous bases like Fenrir and Imp's Base, as well as interviews with players such as fastvincent1 and YellowstoneJoe.

James Rustles himself has been to many places on the server. He has also based at many places, Including Asgard II, Aureus City, Gape Group and Fenrir to name a few.

In mid-March 2016, James created the earliest known interactive map of the 2b2t world. This map can be used to see 2016's Spawn in both an isometric and top-down view, and is hosted on his website.[2]

James quit 2b2t in early June of 2016 due to him losing interest in the server (this decision wasn't helped by the arrival of TheCampingRusher). He left the blog online and is accepting any guests posts at http://www.jamesrustles.com/

He now primarily plays on and admins Constantiam, a similar anarchy server. One of the Constantiam community's biggest memes was that PhantomCaptain, the server's admin, was actually James Rustles; This "theory" was eventually proven beyond a shadow of a doubt but was betrayed many times by James' behavior and indirect comments.


  • James Rustles is one of the first players to be muted, albeit temporarily, on 2b2t.[3]