James Rustles

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James Rustles
Status Inactive

James Rustles was a 2b2t midfag and blogger.


In 2013, James Rustles started a blog about 2b2t. It later grew to hold alot of information about 2b2t's history using both primary and secondary sources. The blog also had posts written by other players (like Sato86) to talk about history or current events on the server.

James Rustles himself has been to many places on the server. His signs can usually be found all over the server. He has also based at many places, Including Asgard II and Aureus City to name a few.

James quit 2b2t in early June due to him losing interest in the server (this decision wasn't helped by TheCampingRusher). He left the blog online and is accepting any guests posts at http://www.jamesrustles.com/ SmackAttack86 somewhat took over his job in terms of recording bases.

External links

http://www.map.jamesrustles.com/ - Interactive 2b2t spawn maps hosted on his server