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"♫Now I am dupe griefer♫."
JoinedJune 2019
TypeYoutuber, PVP'er
CurrentJake Platoon
PastLast Templar, Emperium

Jakethasnake52 is a 2b2t YouTuber with over 7300 subscribers as of August 2022. He is mostly known for hosting streams, pvp'ing and being involved in multiple controversies.


Jakethasnake joined the server in June 2019. Jake watched content by Fit, SalC1 and EtikaWNetwork and was in his own words 'attracted to Fits masculinity'. Late 2019 Jake joined Emperium throught contacts with MAC_TONIGHT_ but soon got involved in conflicts and eventually got banned.[1][2]

Youtube career

In January 2020, Jake started his 2b2t-focused Youtube channel where he would regularly stream, host interviews with known 2b2t players, and talk about server developments and exploits in an exaggerated manner.[3][4] Jake mostly focussed on base-hunting and PVP'ing, even founding his own group called the Snake Platoon. Jake would also start creating 2b2t related songs, including Dupe Griefer [5] and Dupe Stash Hero [6]. In January 2020, Jake reached the Eastern World Border live on stream.[7]

During the covid pandemic Jake would develop a unique 2b2t career, becoming known for his odd character and behavior and extremely long streams. In July 2020 Jake started a stream that ended up going on for a month and included him sleeping and eating.[8] During his basehunting streams Jake stumbled upon multiple bases and stashes, most notably a 20.000 dubs dupe stash.[9]

Jake would also become infamous for spamming advertisements for his content, falsely copyright striking videos critical of him, threatening fellow players, raging on streams and in voice chats and showing overall odd behavior. As a result, he would often be hunted by other players and would get his bases and stashes leaked and destroyed.[10][11][12]


Jake deleted his YouTube channel in mid-January after a controversy surrounding his conduct on stream where he exposed his genitals on camera. Altought Jake claimed it was an accident, the incident motivated many community members to criticize and outcast Jake. It also lead to the creation of a meme called 'Jballs', with even a group taking on the name. Soon afterwards Jake lost his base and stashes when his friend Rob leaked the coords,[13] which caused him to leave the server for about a month.[14] He later restored his channel and continued his activities.

In mid-August of 2021, Jake would begin a now-infamous second month-long stream. Disaster struck on 19 August 2021, when Jake once again fully exposed his genitals on his YouTube livestream containing underage viewers. This incident marked the 4th time something of this nature took place on Jake's channel. Soon thereafter Jake faced an angry crowd in a public discord call for multiple hours and eventually faked hanging himself twice in an attempt to silence criticism. He would disappear again for days, meanwhile spreading fake news-stories about his alleged suicide.[15] This incident was covered in the fourth edition of the 2b2t Times.

Jake later returned to the server, although he would be less active than before. In July 2022 jake appeared on the DigCast to discuss his experiences on the server, including the mental and physical problems he experienced, and to apologize for his behaviour in the past.[16]

Article by The 2B2T Times about Jake


  • The Jake Platoon has it's own banner, which has been spread a lot all over the server.[17]