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Approx. JoinedJune 2019
PastLast Templar

Jakethasnake52 is a 2b2t Youtuber and streamer that joined in June 2019. After starting his youtube channel in Jan. 2020, he has become known for hosting several extremely long 2b2t live streams (going as long as 2 weeks straight, with small breaks for sleep and food) and traveling to the world border during the longest 2b2t live stream at the time (24 hours and 45 min straight). On September 2020, Jake hit over 5,000 subscribers on his 2b2t-focused YouTube channel and quickly rose in subscriber count. He deleted his Youtube channel in mid January after a controversy surrounding his conduct on stream when minors were watching and after losing his base and stashes in a matter of a couple weeks.[1] [2] He returned under a month later. [3]