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Jacktherippa is a well-known oldfag on 2b2t who created many well known bases, including Space Valkyria and The Lands.

JoinedFebruary 2012
BasesValkyria (base), Asgard II, Fenrir,The Lands Space Valkyria, Space Valkyria 2, Space Valkyria 3, Space Valkyria 3 V2 The Lands, Aureus City, The Boedecken, Endtopia, Space Valkyria 4
TypeBuilder, Streamer
Alternative AccountsBAHSAHKAH,[1] Akashina, 2b2t_basealt
PastSpawnMasons, Valkyria,



Jack discovered 2b2t through a thread on /vg/. After escaping spawn and getting some basic gear, Jack decided to travel to 1 million, 1 million on the positive axis. After dying part of the way through and getting sent back to spawn due to his bed being obstructed, he took a break and joined another server. He became friends with two of the moderators, Suedo and BernardWisemen, who gave him his first hack client, Nodus. Later on, he convinced them to join 2b2t, and they planned to build an End base similar to a base they had made on the other server. They accessed the End via the portal under NFE. Soon after they arrived, Suedo’s cracked account was disabled by Mojang, and Bernard quit soon after. Despite this, Jack built the End base, which was later found by a player named rupturedkidney, who ended up joining the base. This base would be lost when Hausemaster disabled the End due to illegal portal use, and Jack was sent back to spawn. He then decided to travel to -10 million, -10 million using the Nether roof. After an entire week of travel, he got bored and stopped at -4.4 million, -4.4 million in the overworld. He built a small base and lived there on his own until December 2012, when he invited SnackyNorph, whose famous library had recently been griefed, as well as a few other players. When Snacky arrived, he gave the base its name; The Lands.

A few months later, during the 1st Incursion, Jack traveled to spawn on an alt and headed to 2k2k, not knowing that it was the Forward Operating Base of the current incursion. After killing a player named trodam and destroying a wheat farm, Jack was attacked by a player named Sato86. He won, and would soon become good friends with Sato.

Later in 2013, Jack accidentally teleported himself back to spawn while using a teleportation exploit known as STP. Since the Nether roof was disabled and his bed didn’t work, he had no real way of getting back to The Lands. He ended up joining the Third Incursion, which was happening at the same time, and met up with many other well known players, including THEJudgeHolden and xcc2. After the incursion, Jack suggested that since the coordinates to the original Valkyria weren’t public, the base could be restored. Sato agreed, and Valkyria was rebuilt and expanded. After Drewbookman returned to the server and remembered Valkyria’s coordinates, which someone then gave to popbob, the players there split up. Jack returned to The Lands with Pyrobyte, using horses to travel on the Nether roof.

In October 2013, 2b2t was put on a temp map while Hause tried to fix an issue with structure generation. On this map, Jack, along with other members of Valkyria, built an End base complete with livestock. Later, in mid 2014, Jack got bored at The Lands and rode back to Valkyria on the Nether roof. He realized that it wasn’t too badly damaged, and stayed at the base for a while. One day, he killed a player named McBrainbomb, who was exploring the ruins. McBrainbomb turned out to be the alt of Javazon, who gave Valkyria’s coordinates to OreMonger. Jack was killed back to his bed at The Lands and remained there for the rest of 2014.

Later history

In March 2015, Jack was invited to Asgard II. It was here that he found out that he had his own player head, spawned in by Pyrobyte and iTristan during the second backdoor. He stayed there until the base was leaked, then helped the other members grief it before anyone else could. After collecting a large amount of valuables and building blocks during the grief, Jack decided to finally return to the End and create a new base there. He chose this moment because the End was deserted due to the Third Incursion. He bridged off of the central island and began work on his End base; Space Valkyria. While he was building the base, he was visited by xcc2, who gave him infinite blocks to build the base with, and Pyrobyte, who gave him an assortment of player heads to display. However, in mid 2015, while Pyrobyte was afk at the base, the /msg coordinate exploit was used on him. Soon enough, jared2013 and taylo112 arrived at Space Valkyria and griefed it. Afterwards, Jack bridged off a couple thousand blocks and built Space Valkyria 2. To make sure that this base lasted longer, Jack used an exploit to break every End portal that he could find, cutting off access to the End for the rest of 2015. Meanwhile, after jared2013 griefed Imperator’s Base, Jack traveled to the ruins and destroyed Jared’s nearby stash, which was made up of materials from Imps. In retaliation, Jared, along with popbob and taylo112, traveled to The Lands and griefed it, with Taylo killing the remaining base members with a 32k sword and sending them back to spawn. Soon after, CainesLaw took Jack to iTristan’s stash which contained barrier blocks, 32k weapons and other illegals. Jack blew up the stash along with Caines as revenge for The Lands’ destruction.

By early 2016, new End portals were being created thanks to the third backdoor, and Space Valkyria 2 was found and griefed by the Tyranny. Since Jack’s stash of building materials was also at the base, he couldn’t just go further out and build another base. That is, until the 11/11 dupe came along, which gave Jack more than enough materials to build his next base, Space Valkyria 3, which began construction in early 2017. He also joined the SpawnMasons for a while, building a lodge in his own distinct style. Around this time, he also joined the Boedecken. After an incident that may have resulted in Space Valkyria 3 getting leaked, Jack built a copy of the base dubbed Space Valkyria 3 V2. This base was found using the pearl tp coordinate exploit and griefed in mid 2019, and Jack returned to the original Space Valkyria 3. The original Space Valkyria 3 was compromised in 2020 and griefed in early 2021. As of June 2022, Jack is regularly streaming his hardcore world, as well as streaming his progress on his Space Valkyria 3 build in creative mode.


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